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Equnix’s previous and upcoming Webinar events in 2020, do join us to know how Open Source Technology can deliver many great solutions for the Business World.

2020 is a great and tough year for all of us, Equnixians are no exception. We have to implement more procedures, conduct a health protocol, align our work with the rule. But as we understand, that every moment in life is actually a struggle isn't it? Indeed, life is also a gift, a precious one, then every moment we should thank and be grateful. Just what the spirit of Open Source does to us in the IT World.

Stay up-to-date with Equnix opportunities and events. We will have a schedule every two weeks, which is full of discussions, talks, business cases, and more over is full of fun! Join our network of technology experts for free webinars and live DEMO. Sign up below.

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High Performance Enterprise PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is actually an Enterprise Class Open Source based Relational Database System. PostgreSQL has almost all feature that Enterprise needed today, and PostgreSQL still being improving every time and release every a couple of months. Can Enterprise use PostgreSQL? Yes and No. Yes, Enterprise can use it, since the features are indeed Enterprise one, even better PostgreSQL has more feature that normally Enterprise didn't know and of course didn't use it. No, if the Enterprise wanted to use it all alone, that is not only illegal (since there are no Expert support, illegal in internal audit term) but also it will expose a great security threat and possible data loss, Enterprise reputation is on stake.

Use PostgreSQL without Expert Support is something like having a free Apache helicopter (because it is given) without proper skillful pilot to control it. it is only a step to a disaster. Another thing is: Only the Expert can reveal you the beauty and the greatness of PostgreSQL Open Source. What is the real Enterprise Feature of PostgreSQL? Support High Availability with only less that a minute fail-over, Multi-tiered Backup and Recovery mechanism, High Performance Tuning from Hardware, Server and Query. Enabling great scalability approaches, and many more...

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List of Our Previous and Upcoming Webinars


Julyanto Sutandang

CEO of Equnix Business Solutions, PT


CTO of Equnix Business Solutions, PT

Chris Travers
Chris Travers

Director of IT

Kenneth Ko
Kenneth Ko

CEO of Arkdata

Kangsuk Chai
Kangsuk Chai

Senior Vice President at eGlobal Systems

We would also like to announce that PGConf Asia is back, China will be the host!

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PostgreSQL Conference Asia 2020 will be transformed into a virtual conference and also offline event. This is going to be a different yet interesting PostgreSQL Conference for all of the business and professional community of PostgreSQL, this time would be a more fun and richer background of the audiences.

We expect this would be a great hub between technical advancement in PostgreSQL combined with Corporation Business Users. The event would be conducted in an easy talk while chilling in to get more inspirations, from the business side as well as technical perspective.

Do join us and contribute to this event as: