Managed Support

Professional PostgreSQL Managed Support from Equnix for PostgreSQL database system provides the guarantee of the client’s database system management.

Managed Support is delivered on top of Maintenance Support, therefore subscription of Maintenance Support is mandatory. With Managed Support from Equnix, clients do not have to be hassled with the problems of avoiding and handling incidents on their database system. This service provides the client’s database system operational availability guarantee, Equnix’ team being ready for 24 hours a day 7 days a week (24/7).

Support from Managed Support has the nature of Level - 0 Support (Managed Support). This means Equnix as a support vendor acts as the first party to do root cause investigation of incidents and also being more Proactive in managing the database system.

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  • Highly Stable, Reliable, and Scalable
  • Support Native Streaming Replication and High Availability
  • Point-in-Time Recovery Capability
  • Support Parallel Query and Indexing Natively
  • Native Logical Replication
  • JSON data store and access (NoSQL syntax)
  • Multiple Foreign Data Wrapper to external data sources
  • Declarative Table Partitioning
  • Row-Level Security Policy
  • SCRAM-SHA256 Authentication
  • LDAP, Kerberos, GSSAPI, RADIUS Authentication Integration
  • SSL Connection
  • Full Text Search Support


  • On-Site Support for Severity Level 1
  • Consulting for Mission Critical Condition
  • On Web/Ticket or On Email Support
  • On-Remote Support
  • On-Phone Support
  • Minimal purchase of this service is 8 cores and minimal implementation for 1 instance of this service is 4 cores
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Scope of Service

All Enterprise PostgreSQL services from Equnix includes the support request service via email, phone, remote access or on site. For support request meeting for a discussion or consultation, the client would first propose the meeting schedule and agenda.
Our services as below:

  1. Level 3: Principal Level Support

    1. Deep Root Cause Analysis and resolution, it can be:
      • Bug Fix, or
      • Quick fix, or
      • Performance patch
    2. Security concern and consideration.
    3. Performance Assurance and limitation.
    4. Scalability and sizing for strategic planning.
    5. Customization (charged separately).
    6. Feature usage consideration
    7. Version upgrade policy,
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    Level 2: Expert Level Support

    1. Slow Query resolution
    2. Configuration, Reconfiguration, Resource Adjustment
    3. Performance Tuning (Hardware, Server and Query Tuning)
    4. Capacity Planning, Sizing, and Scaling
    5. Availability Design and implementation (HA, Hot Standby, etc)
    6. On request meeting consultation for RAS (Reliability, Availability and Scalability)
    7. PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Data migration
    8. Upgrade feature and version policy

  3. Level 1: Technology Support

    1. Installation, non-production and non-data-conversion migration
    2. Vital Sign Report and Alert through Email
    3. Script tools for daily operational
    4. Scheduled Standby Support for critical time (any action potentially cause downtime)
    5. Corrective Maintenance: On Phone, email, up to On Site. Follows Severity level escalation
    6. Multi-tier Backup & Disaster Recovery Implementation
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    Level 0: Operation Support

    1. Vital Sign Report and Alert goes to Equnix
    2. On Call Remote Access
    3. Remote Monitoring if needed
    4. On Site Support by request
    5. Remote DBA
    6. Provide Query Building/Development Support
    7. Preventive Issues on Security, Performance, and Resources (Cpu, Mem and Storage)
    8. Proactive capacity measurement to prevent urgent Issue on resource usage.
    9. Integrated Monitoring by agent
    10. Enabling more indicators to monitor database availability,
    11. More frequent on-site visit based on system’s condition.

Uptime SLA

No Uptime Level Guarantee Max Tolerable Downtime (in hours) Supporting Technology
1 95.00% 438 Cold Standby
2 98.00% 175 Warm Standby
3 99.00% 87,6 Hot Standby
4 99.90% 8,76 High Availability

Cold Standby

Providing uptime level through system restoring the service through a backup hardware in condition from offline backup. Recovery also can be achieved using available hardware spare part as backup. Data backup is provided through offline (Full backup and Incremental backup).

Warm Standby

Software technology to support in providing high uptime level through database system restoration in hardware and system condition being turned on but not ready to service yet. This level implementation normally uses disk level replication, so the replica usually cannot be in service.

Hot Standby

Software technology to support in providing high Uptime Level through database system replication/mirroring from Master to Replica. The system is always on and ready in service, but usually only able to read. The system can be on active or passive condition, and can be promoted as the new Master through a certain mechanism manually, in relation to system conditions or specific policies.

High Availability

Software technology to support in providing high Uptime Level through preparing a backup database server which is replicated in real time with the Master database. Provisioning for High Availability capability is equipped with additional capacity of automatic failover in supporting Hot Standby implementation. This is the most standard level of Equnix’ delivery to the client.