Equnix Internship Program

At Equnix, you will get the opportunity to work on real projects and learn about actual business world. Equnix Internship Program is open for every roles. You will work in Open Source environment and be mentored to unleash your full potential. Please read the requirements below and submit the form to apply.

  1. Have been conducted Preliminary Test and Interview.
  2. At least in semester 7 and minimum 22-25 SKS left.
  3. Minimum Internship Period is 3 months.
  4. Have an interest to work in Open Source Environment.
  5. Ready to be placed in Equnix's Office or Workshop.
  6. Have own facilities, such as Laptop and Handphone.
  7. Willing to reach 75 WPS typing ability.
  8. Have an interest to learn the concept of Open Source in business and real life.
  9. Possess an ability in Linux Administration or Programming.
  10. Create an essay with multiple paragraphs about why you interest to Intern in Equnix and what do you want to achieve after the Internship has been done.
  1. Receive an allowance every month that is equivalent to the UMR value.
  2. Will be provided company resources to support learning and working.
Company Target:
  1. Understand the concept and implementation of Open Source in Business comprehensively.
  2. Have the ability to master the given field of work (Support/Administration/System Development/Solution/Business Development).