Ooredoo Myanmar

Ooredoo Myanmar is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Myanmar, they use PostgreSQL on their mission critical system. Ooredoo Myanmar realize when using database on mission critical system, they need high availability feature on Postgresql for always Reliability, Availability and Scalability whom they trust Equnix to implement and maintain their system. Our High Availability Services named Hot-Standby Replication Only 10 seconds to Failover Replica promoted to Master when Real Master down.



CMG is a pioneer in IT provider of system integration services, software technology development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application implementation, consulting and process solutions on a global delivery platform. CMG is a global IT services provider delivering technology-driven business solutions that complement the strategic objectives of our clients. While maintaining a fundamental commitment to excellence that is evident in everything we do; CMG delivers unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process optimization, ISO, ITIL & CMMi quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. CMG aims to become Malaysia’s acknowledged national leader in the delivery of ICT solutions and services. Leadership will be achieved by establishing excellence industry standards for quality solutions and services, so quality human resources are needed as well.

Equnix has held the PostgreSQL In House Training Advance at CMG Holdings Sdn on September 21-25, 2018. The training was held at CMG Cyberjaya Office No. 6 & 7, Block J, Selangor Malaysia. Training held for 5 days with a duration of 40 hours. The training participants amounted to 11 people, and were very enthusiastic in participating in this training. Equnix presented PostgreSQL Advanced Training with material about General Concepts of ORDBMS, IT Architecture, Hardware / OS Optimization Concept, Concept of Client-side Optimization Concept, Administration. This PostgreSQL training teaches advanced skills how to manage the PostgreSQL Database to participants. The training is not only a concept explanation, but also hands-on session on each given material. The trainer will guide the participants training in doing hands-on. Some materials such as Connection Management, Replication and High Availability are materials that are eagerly awaited by the participants to be immediately practicable, besides that the Trainer provides opportunities for participants to discuss.

MIMOS Berhad Malaysia

MIMOS Berhad is a Malaysian government-owned strategic agency, precisely under Malaysia's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. MIMOS focuses on research and development. Equnix provides advanced PostgreSQL Training Database to Database Administrator (DBA) and MIMOS Developer. This training is designed to provide participants from MIMOS deeper a exploration of the PostgreSQL Database system, both conceptually and technically, as well as an understanding of PostgreSQL's more in-depth features, and gain technical capabilities on PostgreSQL features such as Backup, Restore and Replication. All these materials will assist them in running their projects. Previously MIMOS had received PostgreSQL training from other providers, but the impact was less effective. Instead MIMOS is satisfied with the training of Equnix, where MIMOS has more than once assigned Equnix to PostgreSQL training.


Located in Singapore, ESSILOR AMERA is an industrial enterprise that specializes in providing optical lens for eyewear. ESSILOR itself was established in 1972 by combining two French companies Essel and Silor, which dominated the eyewear lens market in France from the mid-20th century. Today ESSILOR is a gigantic company, with almost more than 55,000 employees worldwide. ESSILOR AMERA is one of the regional ESSILOR companies dealing with Asia, Middle East, Russia and Africa.

ESSILOR AMERA uses PostgreSQL as the main database in the Supply Chain Management application that is accessed from all ESSILOR branches worldwide. Due to the constantly changing needs, ESSILOR decided to make Equnix a partner in designing High Availability solutions for PostgreSQL. Equnix is ​​responsible for fulfilling the availability of services with no downtime and performance improvements to service all running transactions. By implementing a mature design, Equnix has provided the best service to maintain PostgreSQL HA quality and easy configuration to be understood by ESSILOR's internal team in order to implement the design in other constellations.

Yee Yee Tun International Myanmar

YEE YEE TUN INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd, based in 128, Lower KyeeMyinDaing Road, Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar, is a limited liability company engaged in retail business. Yee Yee Tun International has quickly grown and currently has 50 branches around Myanmar.

Yee Yee Tun has implemented ERP Application to control their business which uses PostgreSQL as Database Server of the application. There was a problem on the application and database server which the performance is bad and slow even though they upgraded the Server. Equnix comes with a solution and optimization of the database PostgreSQL to handle this case. Once Equnix has implemented some solution and optimization and based on confirmation from the IT Team of Yee Yee Tun the ERP Application runs much faster than before.