equpos Clients

PT Akur Pratama (Yogya)

Before using equpos, the YOGYA Group (PT Akur Pratama) used the TPLinux POS application which is now facing the end of support. Thus, Wincor/Nixdorf POS System users need to upgrade to another system and YOGYA chooses to use equpos.

equpos has advantages that were previously not obtained by YOGYA, such as a simpler topology, only terminals and Head Office Servers, being ability to adapt to hardware variations, real-time sales data consolidation, POS being able to work stand-alone, automatic recognition of USB devices, integration of POS with EDC, integrated terminal control, complete and customizable reporting capabilities, comprehensive dashboard monitoring, bandwidth-efficient master data distribution, and drawers open faster, operations are easier and cashiers return faster because EOD is done in just a few minutes second. And the important thing is the varied promotions. The wealth of promotions that have more than 27 types and can be combined into more than 100 variations, supports marketing campaigns and increases competitive advantage among competitors.

equpos also has a feature that supports operations, where if there is a sudden problem at the terminal, for example, a power outage, then after the terminal is restarted, transactions that have not been completed before can be resumed automatically. Thus, there is no need to repeat transactions from the beginning, especially if the process of scanning goods is quite a lot. There is no need to worry about a large number of product types because equpos is capable of handling up to hundreds of thousands and still has optimal performance, especially for terminals with small resources.

Complete training carried out to support mastery of POS operations: Training of Trainers which was attended by IT Yogya, IT Support, Cashier Head, Cashier, and User Yogya with the aim that participants receive a complete explanation accompanied by demonstrations by the Equnix Team. In addition, training participants can practice directly or hands on the equpos system. With the superior features of equpos, cashiers are more flexible in serving customers and promotion programs are more varied to increase sales.

YOGYA Group is a modern retail company from Indonesia with Supermarket and Department Store format. YOGYA has many stores spread across West Java, Central Java, and Greater Jakarta with more than 2,500 POS terminals. As an industry that directly deals with consumers, service performance and promotions have an important role in increasing sales. A capable POS system with the support of rich promotional variations and robust features results in customer satisfaction and supports the smooth running of retail businesses.

PT. Harja Gunatama Lestari (Borma)

Borma is looking for a new Point of Sales system to replace their old POS System. equpos has the functionality and features that support future compatibility to ensure long-term investment and improvement efficiency in Borma. Such as a simpler topology, only terminals and Head Office Servers, Open for integration with other systems that have already deployed in Borma Group, Easy deployment with some capability: Standard configuration using non-touch based monitor, and using keyboard shortcut that is also easy to reconfigure. Comprehensive System Monitoring: for Business Process and Infrastructure. Product, promotion, sales transaction update in real time (<1 minute). Operations are easier and cashiers return faster because EOD is done in just a few minutes second.

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PT. Harja Gunatama Lestari (Borma) is a company engaged in the retail sector which was established on December 15, 1995. Borma is a large, inexpensive and complete department store, which provides goods ranging from basic necessities, cosmetics, household appliances, electronics, building equipment, hobbies, motorcycle accessories, cars, and computers.

PT. Trans Retail Indonesia (Carrefour)

PT Trans Retail Indonesia (Transmart) as a large retailer in Indonesia certainly has a need for a capable POS system as the spearhead of sales at each Transmart store. With more than 3,400 POS machines owned, managing more than 170,000 items of goods, with daily transactions that can reach millions of transactions per day, it is necessary to have a POS system with reliable performance, features, and promotions to support the transaction process running smoothly.

Transmart implemented equpos because at that time they experienced problems with the existing POS system that hampered sales operations at the store.

With the implementation of equpos, Transmart's operations are back to running smoothly without a hitch and able to achieve optimal service levels. Even some old hardware models that have been stored in the warehouse can be removed and used again because equpos has high compatibility with various types of hardware commonly used in retail businesses.

PT Trans Retail Indonesia has proven to be very helpful with Equnix's services. This is evident from Equnix being entrusted by PT Trans Retail Indonesia in the development of areas other than equpos, including PostgreSQL services for their information system, especially with the embedded assistance provided professionally by Equnix. At Transmart, Equnix also contributed to the development of the price calculation system, with an initial improvement of 7 hours to calculate the price of about 7000 items, to only 15 minutes to calculate the price of 15,000 items.

Equpos system for Carrefour was developed by Equnix from September 2015 to Early 2016. During that time, Carrefour's requests for additional functionality and bug fixes arose.

Equpos does not change the User Interface, Usability and User Behavior of the old POS system, so that the User Experience (UX) created for end users is the same as the UX of the old POS system. The approach taken by Equnix in the development of Carrefour's new POS system was not to change the User Interface, but by changing the technical architecture of the entire new POS system, as well as adjusting the price, promotion and transaction data exchange processes between store POS terminals and the head office. Without changes to the User Interface used, there is no need for special time allocation for socialization, long piloting, enforcement, etc.

If the network connection at the store is suddenly lost and POS is offline, then equpos for Carrefour supports stand-alone transactions. Where POS is still able to make transactions offline, and no longer needs to restart the POS. When the network is connected again, equpos system automatically updates offline transaction data to the head office server. This was made possible by a combination of high performance system design from equpos, switching database system to PostgreSQL, and implementing Bidirectional Replication (BDR). With BDR, equpos system also automatically integrates data between stores and head office in real time.

The implementation of PostgreSQL and BDR at Carrefour is also an achievement in itself, because it is implemented in more than 200 stores. The ability to manage large amounts of daily transaction data, the number of servers and Carrefour POS Terminals has proven PostgreSQL's performance in managing high workloads. BDR's capabilities as an enterprise-class PostgreSQL feature are also evident, especially in data-heavy two-way replication between multiple machines in Carrefour's shops and Head Office.

The need for an Open Source database system was clearly met by PostgreSQL, which did not burden any licensing fees for Carrefour's budget allocation. PostgreSQL's flexible architecture also supports Carrefour's growth plans, especially for scaling out their systems.

Comprehensive System Monitoring: for Business Process and Infrastructure. Such as being able to find out the status of each POS machine in each store, vital information such as: CPU usage, Memory, Disk Storage, Network Latency, as well as the consistency of Application Versions and Local Data stored in each POS.