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As a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero), the electricity State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN), has a big role in providing mobile applications and a payment gateway called ICONPAY for payment transactions from PLN biller or non-PLN. Payment applications need the best resources to support high transactions. ICON+ trusted Equnix’s flagship product, EqunixAppliance through its reliability and availability.

ICON+ (PT Indonesia Comnets Plus) focused on telecommunication and information technology, related to Beyond kWh. ICON+ expanded their business by providing battery charging for electric vehicles (EV), electricity charging for electric vehicles (EV), PLN Mobile business, and ListriQu.

PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk

BTN was impressed with the high level of service provided by Equnix and decided to implement our flagship product Equnix Appliance for their data center and data recovery center (4 Units) in November 2022. This allowed Bank BTN to have a more comprehensive managed support service, not limited to the database system but also including hardware and operating system management. By using Equnix Appliance, Bank BTN was able to significantly reduce the time needed for server procurement and improve the overall performance and reliability of their IT infrastructure.

PT Bank Tabungan Negara, (Persero), Tbk (BTN) is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) engaged in banking. BTN is committed to becoming a bank that serves and supports housing sector financing through three main products, individual banking, business and sharia. The embryo of Bank BTN began with the establishment of Postspaarbank in Batavia in 1897. Public and government trust in Bank BTN has led BTN to receive an award at the VI Indonesia Banking Award 2017 as Rank 1 Best Bank Indonesia 2017.

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PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation (PTI)

Paragon has trusted our flagship product, Equnix Appliance as the resource of their core databases. Equnix Appliance is proven to be reliable in providing High Availability that guarantees Uptime levels up to 99.9%. Equnix Appliance also has features to support business development and continuity.

Paragon has developed their business in the cosmetics industry for over 35 years. Paragon has many popular brands in Indonesia, such as Wardah, Make Over, Emina, and others. As a growing corporation, Paragon needs a high-performance server and database to manage their core business and to help them improve their business.

PPM Manajemen

In 2011, PPM Management used Managed Colocation Services from Equnix. PPM has 9 servers which were initially busy so that only a few servers were turned on in a certain period of time. To make servers operate more effectively, Equnix proposed 4 servers were replaced with 1 EqunixAppliance. Until now, Equnix is still giving Managed Colocation Services for 6 PPM Management’s servers.

PPM Management is the first management foundation in Indonesia. PPM Management is an integrated service provider that helps companies transform or integrate management Organization Transformation. PPM Management is committed to accompanying partners to grow and develop into innovative, high-value, and sustainable organizations. Meanwhile, to provide integrated management solutions through PPM School of Management, PPM Executive Development Program, PPM Certification Training Program, PPM HR Assessment, and others.

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