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Price Survey and Calculation System

PRIXER is Pricing and Survey Management System. It is a solution to improve your price management on Retail Market become more comprehensive and flexible to surrounding markets. PRIXER delivers comprehensive price calculation based on simple defined policy. PRIXER also managing own retail store and surrounding store into a specific cluster. Utilizing sophisticated technology supported on Smart Phone, survey teams have great flexibility and safety when peeking product prices on your competitor store.

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PRIXER Core System follows The Model-View-Controller (MVC) concepts. The MVC pattern separates the modeling of the domain, the presentation and the actions based on user input into three separate classes.
The Model manages the behavior and data of the application domain, responds to requests for information about its state (usually from the View), and responds to instructions to change state (usually from the Controller). The View manages the display of information.
The Controller interprets the mouse and keyboard inputs from Users, informing the Model and/or the View to change as appropriate. This separation allows the model to be build and tested independent of the visual presentation.

System Architecture

PRIXER Mobile Application

PRIXER Mobile Application is a light client-application, running on Android Smart Phones, which used for:

  • checking Survey List and item to be surveyed,
  • getting information on surveyed competitors,
  • input surveyed item price,
  • capture surveyed item photo

PRIXER Core System

PRIXER Core System is the Core Server to manage all aspects on PRIXER System Architectures. You can manage everything with a simple web-access from browsers. Using standard SQL Queries internally, PRIXER Core System can be adapted to some DBMS, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle.
On PRIXER Core System, all submitted Survey Data will be processed and calculated according Price Policy Rules set by authorized personnel, for example Pricing Manager. The authorized personnel also can manage Survey Management context, such as Survey Types, Survey Schedules, Survey Locations, and Survey Items.
On Store Management context, PRIXER Core System allows you to manage Local Stores, Competitor Stores, Stores Region, and Stores Clusters.
Survey Leader or personnel who authorized to give supervision to Surveyors, can do monitoring from the web, making decision whether the submitted data is valid or not. PRIXER Core System can be integrated with every model of User Authentication, for example File-Based Authentication or Directory-Based Authentication (LDAP).

Equnix Application Framework

As foundation layer of the System, our Java-based Framework provides system capabilities to be Scalable, High Performance, and Robust. Equnix Application Framework has proven implemented in many sites services, many kind of Application and System mostly on High Performance related business. By deploying Equnix Application Framework (EQFW) ensure PRIXER Core System running well, stable, and having High Performance.


PRIXER Core System

No Type Specification
1 Browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (Javascript and Cookies enabled)
2 Java 1.7
3 PHP 5.3
4 JQuery 1.7
5 css 3
6 Bootstrap 2.3.2

PRIXER Mobile Application

No Type Specification
1 Operating System Android 4.1 or above

2 Display 4 inch
3 Resolution 480x800 (for best view)

4 Camera 3.2 MP or above

5 RAM 512 MB or above


Pricing Manager defines the Pricing Policy Rules, configuration of Item List, Store Territory, and other parameters on how to conduct Competitor Checking.

Surveyors collect Competitor prices in the chosen place with chosen Item List using PRIXER Mobile Application.

Survey Leader checks for Survey Data and validate all data (submit to PRIXER Core System), if considered correct, or inform Surveyor for incorrect data.