11DB Clients

Informasi Kepabeanan dan Cukai (IKC)

The Directorate General of Customs and Excise is an Indonesian government agency under the Ministry of Finance. They are using 11DB/Postgres in many of their system implementations and it works very well and runs even faster than any other existing Databases. They are using 11DB/Postgres more than thousand cores in their own data center. They are more than happy to talk about our support and services.

It serves the community in the field of customs and excise. The Directorate General of Customs and Excise has the duty to organize the formulation and implementation of policies in the field of supervision, law enforcement, service and optimization of state revenue in the field of customs and excise in accordance with the provisions of legislation.


Danamon chose the PostgreSQL Database system for use in Internet Banking applications for corporations. For the implementation, Equnix has provided expertise support in implementing a PostgreSQL based database system as the mission critical database backbone on Danamon's new Cash@work service, since 2015. Not only implementing a single instance, Equnix also implemented High Availability configuration, so that when Master instance is down, Standby will take over the role as Master as soon as possible, giving Cash@Work Service seamless failover and keeping whole system availability. By adopting the PostgreSQL product delivered by Equnix, Danamon has benefited from service support, cost-effectiveness as well as reliable data security.

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Satisfied with the Cash@Work implementation, another division team for OmniDB System also implemented PostgreSQL supported by Equnix for 4 more servers, 2 for Hot-Standby on the Main Data Center, and 2 servers on DRC. Equnix configured replication to DRC, so that if management decides to do a swingover then DRC Instances can be promoted immediately and service the applications.

Danamon is very satisfied with the services provided, reducing the huge investment while being able to respond to ever-dynamic banking challenges. With a small investment cost (only by using OPEX) Danamon can increase agility and be able to compete competitively with competitors.

PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk. (Danamon) is one of the first Foreign Exchange Banks in Indonesia, and a public company listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange which was established on July 16, 1956.

Astra Digital Arta

qunix is founded to provide solutions related to Manage PostgreSQL. Equnix has implemented several solutions and optimizations related to availability, performance, and other solutions that support reliable and fast databases.

As part of Astra International, Astrapay cannot be separated from the quality of products and services that are equivalent to the parent group that oversees them. Currently, Astrapay's shares are majority-owned by PT. Federal International Finance (FIF) which is also a subsidiary of PT. Astra International Tbk.

The initial principle of establishing Astrapay, with the goal of creating a system that could provide efficiency so that companies in the FIFGroup and also the Astra Group could run the company effectively and better. Thus the company profits will be maximized. And at the same time, both consumers and group employees will experience much better benefits.

Federal International Finance

One of the products from FIFGROUP is FIFADA which is an e-commerce application developed with FIFGROUP with online installment payment facilities without a credit card. The application uses PostgreSQL as a database. Equnix goes along to provide a managed service where all operational activities of the database are managed by Equnix.

Aside from FIFADA, Equnix also handles Manage PostgreSQL for the FIFGroup Mobile Customer (FMC) and Astra Pay application.

Equnix has deployed various optimizations, especially in terms of database infrastructure where Equnix has configured High Availability on the database. Not only that, the backups currently used are already using professional backups that use multi-tier backups.

PT Federal International Finance (“FIFGROUP”) was established under the name PT Mitrapusaka Artha Finance in May 1989. Based on the business license obtained from the Minister of Finance, the Company is engaged in leasing, factoring, and consumer financing. In 1991, the Company changed its name to PT Federal International Finance. However, over time and in order to meet market demand, the Company began to focus on financing Honda motorcycles in the retail consumer financing sector in 1996. In May 2013, the Company launched the FIFGROUP brand.

“The service from Equnix is very good, managed professionally, and helpful. So far, we did not experience problems related to the services provided. “- FIF Group IT Team.

Bussan Auto Finance

BAF Mobile is one of its products from BAF which is a mobile application that uses PostgreSQL database as its database server. Equnix is present to provide solutions related to best practice implementation of the PostgreSQL database, including Replication, Backup, and Alert.

PT Bussan Auto Finance (“the Company”) was established in 1995 named as PT Pembiayaan Getraco Indonesia, a Company which was operated in financing business and Joint Venture among PT Danamon Sanggrahan, Mitsui & Co. Ltd., Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., and PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia in 1997 focusing on financing for new Yamaha-brand motorcycle. The Company had its name changed into PT Danamon Mits Otomotif Finance and every September 24, 1997 is commemorated as anniversary of the Company until today.

Telkom Akses

elkom Akses chose PostgreSQL as the foundation for more than 5 of their main applications which also utilize the Geospatial Information System (PostGIS) feature. Previously, Telkom Akses was already using PostgreSQL, but had difficulties because of unavailability of an expert that can support it when risks arise. Equnix is here to help Telkom Akses in minimizing those risks, and maximize the power of PostgreSQL services to its main applications. Equnix believes that by making improvements to previous implementations and ongoing support, Telkom Akses can focus more on network provision and not worry about PostgreSQL that stores all of their important data.

One of Telkom's subsidiaries engaged in the development and managed service infrastructure network, established since December 12, 2012. Telkom Akses concentrates on the business of providing construction services in Indonesia, to develop a broadband network in order to deliver a quality and affordable internet connection. In addition to broadband network installation, other services provided by Telkom Akses are Network Terminal Equipment (NTE) and Broadband Access Management and Operations Maintenance Services.

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PT Indomarco Prismatama (Indomaret)

ndomaret (PT Indomarco Prismatama), a franchised retail chain in Indonesia, has more than 20,000 branches spread across the country. As the first and largest minimarket franchise company in Indonesia, Indomaret requires a high-performance database to manage its operations efficiently. With the high demand for the use of RDBMS, Indomaret planned to migrate its Oracle database to PostgreSQL.

Equnix was commissioned to convert all Oracle database modules to PostgreSQL on October 13, 2021. This included 1103 procedures, 200 functions, 902 triggers, and 15 Java extensions, with a total of 1,173,206 lines of code across all modules. One of the challenges faced during the project was converting complex modules and rebuilding the Java code into an extension that could run on PostgreSQL.

However, despite the challenges, Equnix successfully converted all modules on November 8, 2022. After going through two rehearsal stages, the new system was deployed into production on November 30, 2022. By migrating to PostgreSQL, PT Indomarco Prismatama was able to reduce costs while maintaining high performance. The migration project can be considered a success in every stage of its implementation. Equnix's commitment to teamwork was a significant factor in the project's success.

PT Indomarco Prismatama, operating as Indomaret, is a franchised retail chain in Indonesia and a subsidiary of the Salim Group. The first store under the name Indomart was opened in Ancol, North Jakarta, on June 20, 1988. In 1997, the company developed the first franchise outlet business in Indonesia, after having more than 230 outlets. The number of outlets until 2015 was 11,400 outlets with details of 60% of the outlets being self-owned and the rest being community-owned franchises. As of June 2021, the number of outlets is 18,939. Indomaret is spread evenly from Sumatera, Batam, Java, Madura, Bali, NTB, NTT, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Maluku.

Bank Resona Perdania

Bank BRP uses Equnix service for Transaction Gateway as Middleware of the main banking system. By using our services, BRP benefits from increased application performance and very low ROI. Enables the system acquisition process at a much lower cost, and lowers the risk for adoption of new and better performing systems. Bank BRP has been using our services since 2014

"A truly professional Business Solutions company who have taken time and effort to learn the requirements of our business and have tailored their service accordingly. All calls are answered immediately, with a timely, efficient resolution of our issues. It is reassuring knowing they are available when needed. Giving us the real premium maintenance services & we can fully recommend their professional services." - Agus Wahyu (Assistant Manager in Bank Resona Perdania).

Bank Resona Perdania has been serving the business and industry business for 57 years. Since its operation on February 1, 1958 and becoming the first Joint-venture Bank in Indonesia, Bank Resona Perdania has its own pride to always actively develop the international business that exists between Japan and Indonesia. Supported from foreign shareholders with unquestionable reputation and experience: Resona Bank Ltd., Japan and The Bank of East Asia Ltd., Hong Kong.

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Blue Bird

Equnix serves Bluebird for the implementation of the PostgreSQL Database used for the Mobile Online application since June 12th 2017. Equnix provides best practice PostgreSQL architecture according to the needs of the application. In addition to Equnix architecture also perform Database Tuning and Query Optimization to improve Database performance. Equnix also configure Streaming Replication as Standby Server for reporting needs. After configuring from the Database side, Equnix setup Monitoring and Alert System to perform operational monitoring of Blue Bird.

Blue Bird Group is a business group providing services ranging from Regular Taxi (Blue Bird & Pusaka) to Executive Taxi (Silver Bird), Limousine & Car Rental (Golden Bird), Charter Bus (Big Bird), Logistic (Iron Bird Logistic) , Property (Holiday Resort Lombok & Pusaka Bumi Mutiara), IT & Supporting Services (Hermis Consulting-IT SAP, Pusaka Integrasi Mandiri-EDC, Pusaka GPS-Petrol Station, Pusaka Bersatu-Lubricant, Pusaka Suku cadang Indonesia-Spare Part and Heavy Equipment (Pusaka Mainstay Perkasa & Pusaka Bumi Transportasi). Along with the growing market demand for reservations using smartphones, Blue Bird Group develops Mobile and Database applications that PostgreSQL uses.

"With Managed Service, IT operations are really helped. Technical recommendations from Equnix team are also very useful to improve the response time system." - Yanuar Trisunu Adi (IT Bluebird Group).

Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis

Equnix has been in cooperation with Artajasa since 2022. Equnix team had implemented 11DB/Postgres for Artajasa’s high performance transaction system. Equnix Team had also implemented High Availability Architecture on Artajasa’s Data Center to keep the system from being unavailable, so the continuity of Artajasa’s transactions are guaranteed. Artajasa uses 8 cores, where 4 cores are implemented in the master server, and another 4 cores are implemented on the standby server.

Equnix had also implemented Multi-tier Backup for Artajasa’s PostgreSQL server. Multi-tiered backup is Equnix’s best practice for maintaining database backup. Multi-tier backup consisted of two levels of backup, a full binary backup called a snapshot, and incremental backup called archive. With Multi-tier backup implemented, Artajasa will be prepared when a data disaster happens, and will be able to restore any missing or corrupted data right before the disaster.

PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis (ARTAJASA) is a pioneer in the electronic transaction market in Indonesia, particularly as a provider of infrastructure networks for banking. Founded on February 10, 2000, ARTAJASA creates payment transaction products and services that are very flexible to be applied at every level of business unit, from upstream to downstream activities and can be accessed globally and in real-time. In addition, ARTAJASA guarantees a high level of security, integrity and monitoring for all levels and types of transactions operated.

Bank BJB

Equnix implements PostgreSQL inside BJB on IBM Power7 Server machines with up to 128 Hardware Threads. Equnix Services for Bank BJB includes Maintenance Services, installation, configuration, Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance on PostgreSQL BJB Database Server. The PostgreSQL installation on the BJB server was initially performed by the internal BJB team on only two cores, with performance test results of 2,500 Queries Per Second (QPS). Tuning was successfully done by Equnix on the PostgreSQL BJB system with the installation and re-configuration resulting in increased performance up to 5,000 QPS.

Equnix has been serving BJB since 2012 until now, both on IBM Power machines and Intel based machines. PostgreSQL Database System is used in many BJB applications, including: Transaction Gateway, Web Teller, Local Tax, Switching, Monitoring System. Until now at Bank BJB, the PostgreSQL Database system has been installed on more than 30 servers.

"RDBMS holds one of the most important roles, especially in the banking environment, choosing the right technology and the right supporting expertise really matters and requires critical decision. Using Open Source is a breakthrough and brave move for all critical financial applications, to break the Vendor Lock-in chain and utilizing domestic Resources. Bank BJB adopted the Open Source Database Technology, PostgreSQL, supported by Equnix Business Solutions, PT's Team for almost 7 years. Internet Banking-based Transactional Application, Teller System Internal Application, Government and Regulator Application in Bank BJB are serving on top of PostgreSQL Database, alongside with full support from Equnix Business Solutions, PT's Team."" - Oktavianto Hernawan (Manager System Engineer Divisi Teknologi Informasi di PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat & Banten Tbk).

Bank BJB (BJB) formerly Bank Jabar Banten, is one of the BUMD Banks owned by the Provincial Government of West Java and Banten. BJB provides services in the field of economy and banking. Increased services is the main thing in the banking world. The large number of Database Server requirements for Electronic Banking support applications demands a better Database system in cost-effectiveness and performance. PostgreSQL is therefore a solution to the existing needs.

PT. Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok (PTP)

Conveniently located in North Jakarta, Port of Tanjung Priok (PTP) is the busiest port in all of Indonesia. This port handles more than 30% of Indonesian non-oil commodities, alongside 50% of the entire flow of goods in/out Indonesia through this large port. Therefore Tanjung Priok is a barometer of Indonesia's economy.

The magnificent complete intermodal facility in the Port of Tanjung Priok is able to connect with the entire city in Indonesia. Having modern technology and facilities, Tanjung Priok has been able to serve ships of the latest generation which proceeds directly to various international trade centers (direct call).

PTP has been developing a Business Intelligence (BI) application to increase the ease of monitoring all data. Equnix is turning up to provide a Data Warehouse (Deepgreen) solution as a data storage medium used by BI applications. Deepgreen is a powerful Data Warehouse application where it can be proved that BI applications running on top of Deepgreen up to now have no problems either in terms of performance or others. This is the basis that PTP is satisfied with the services provided by Equnix.

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Bank Mandiri

Bank Mandiri realizes that the infrastructure supported by Open Source technology can improve the quality of service, mainly because it is also supported by the Domestic Component Engineering which is the current of Indonesia. Equnix aims to bring comfort and tranquility in implementing Open Source technology, especially on the database side, named PostgreSQL. Equnix project with Bank Mandiri has been started since June 29th 2010. For enterprise level Bank, data integrity and high transaction-capable services are always a key determinant, so Equnix always strives to provide the best local support to keep it up. Currently Bank Mandiri implements PostgreSQL on many of its main systems, one of which is the supporting applications Mandiri Online and E-wallet, supported by Local Maintenance Services Equnix, kept 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Equnix is ​​always ready to deal with potential risks that may occur, ranging from telephone consultation to arrival for intensive improvement. Going forward, Bank Mandiri will continue to prepare the foundations for key and critical applications using PostgreSQL databases and Equnix is ​​ready to provide a peace of mind for the data-backing infrastructure.

Established in 1998, Bank Mandiri was merged from 4 state banks. As a large national bank in Indonesia, Bank Mandiri always put forward the services, integrity, and high performance for every transaction that runs. These services are a support point in the community's life infrastructure both socially and business. SMS Banking, Electronic Wallet, Social Aid Fund, Online Banking Transaction, and other services are the main services of Bank Mandiri in order to provide high accessibility to audiences.

PT. Trans Retail Indonesia (Carrefour)

This project took place since 2015. PT. Trans Retail Indonesia as Indonesia's largest retailer has a huge necessity for high-performing Database and transactional capable services. With PostgreSQL, PT. Trans Retail Indonesia is capable of reducing the burden of considerable cost per year while maintaining high performance in more than 100 stores, and more than 3,400 POS machines, to manage more than 170,000 items of goods, with daily transactions that can reach millions of transactions per day.

Carrefour implements PostgreSQL from store-to-head office server, to accommodate transaction data both in real time online and in standalone mode. With the flexibility of the PostgreSQL mechanism, Carrefour is capable of achieving optimal service levels with total Equnix services support while maintaining a low but effective investment cost. Equnix implements the Multi-Master Replication model into the PostgreSQL state-of-the-art feature in enterprise solutions. The number installed to date is over 200 Database logical instances, spread nationwide.

PT. Trans Retail Indonesia proved to be very helpful with the services of Equnix. This is evident from the entrusted Equnix by PT. Trans Retail Indonesia in the development of fields in addition to other PostgreSQL of their information systems, in particular with the inherent assistance provided professionally by Equnix. At Carrefour, Equnix also contributed to the development of the price calculation system, with an initial increase of 7 hours to calculate the price of about 7000 items, to be only 15 minutes to calculate the price of 15,000 items.

Carrefour is the first chain-store to introduce the concept of hypermarkets and provide new shopping alternatives for its customers in Indonesia. In January 2013, Trans Corp through its subsidiary, PT. Trans Retail Indonesia takes over 100% of PT. Carrefour Indonesia so that the company name was changed to PT. Trans Retail Indonesia (Carrefour). Carrefour innovates in providing world-class services in Indonesia's retail industry.

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MIMOS Berhad Malaysia

MIMOS Berhad is a Malaysian government-owned strategic agency, precisely under Malaysia's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. MIMOS focuses on research and development. Equnix provides advanced PostgreSQL Training Database to Database Administrator (DBA) and MIMOS Developer. This training is designed to provide participants from MIMOS deeper a exploration of the PostgreSQL Database system, both conceptually and technically, as well as an understanding of PostgreSQL's more in-depth features, and gain technical capabilities on PostgreSQL features such as Backup, Restore and Replication. All these materials will assist them in running their projects. Previously MIMOS had received PostgreSQL training from other providers, but the impact was less effective. Instead MIMOS is satisfied with the training of Equnix, where MIMOS has more than once assigned Equnix to PostgreSQL training.

PT. Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDI Indonesia)

In order to ensure the security of information from all Customers, EDI Indonesia chooses to use a trusted Database to store important and high performing data in required financial transactions.

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Previously, EDI Indonesia used Oracle Database and is currently switching to use PostgreSQL Database to improve the performance and data integrity of a trusted Database system. EDI Indonesia entrusts services from Equnix to Manage Services, Oracle Data Migration to PostgreSQL and In-House Training to Developer and Database Administrator (DBA) personnel from EDI Indonesia. This project has been started since March 15th 2020.

PT. Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDI Indonesia) was established on June 1, 1995 as a pioneer company in developing Electronic Data Exchange Services (PDE) in Indonesia which is a subsidiary of PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero). With more than 18 years of experience PT. EDI Indonesia has provided various solutions to its customers in the field of e-business ranging from IT Consultancy, Training, Software Development, Implementation and System Integration, IT Managed Services to the implementation of PDE services based on Value Added Network / VAN technology, EDI Over Internet, Web Services/SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Cloud Services-based services.

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Adira Finance

Recently in 2016, Equnix helped Adira implement the PostgreSQL Database on the Adira Database system. This includes the Oracle Database migration effort to the PostgreSQL Database. This new Database System is implemented especially in support of Adira Box's application operates serving "Mini Banking". This application is made up of eight core processors in the Adira system, with servers in the development environment, User Acceptance Test (UAT) servers, and servers in crucial production environments. The tuning effort of Equnix also managed to improve the performance of the Adira Database system to about 3300 Queries per Second (QPS).

Equnix also equips Adira with PostgreSQL Database system training. The training needs in Adira are large enough to include 20 Adira's internal staff including Database Administrator (DBA) and Developer.

PT. Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk (Adira) is a finance company established in 1990. Adira initially focuses on financing both new and used motor vehicles, but now Adira is expanding its wings to provide financing for many other things. In 2009 Bank Danamon completed the acquisition of Adira with ownership of up to 95% of shares after 2004 Danamon bought 75% of Adira shares.


Equnix has been doing business relationships as a partner of XL since 2014 until now. In 2014 Equnix provided “PostgreSQL Maintenance" service for XL Tunai application. This service lasts for 1 year until 2015. During that period Equnix has provided optimization support and troubleshooting on several cases that have been experienced.

In 2020, Equnix is back to serve “PostgreSQL Maintenance” services for the IOU MCCM application. In this project, Equnix has also helped to analyze the delays that occur in the database and thanks to the results of the Equnix analysis, the application, which was previously slow, now can meet the expectations of XL.

PT. XL Axiata Tbk, known as XL (formerly PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk), is a Mobile Telecommunication Operator in Indonesia. The scope of services includes Java, Bali, and Lombok as well as major cities in Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. XL provides Broadband Internet, Mobile Communication and 3G services using GSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks.

By using PostgreSQL as one of the solutions applied by XL, it causes an increase in profits because it is not entangled by the high cost of licenses which increases annually more expensively. The benefits of PostgreSQL on XL can reduce substantial costs and divert the budget to product development that can attract more customers.

XL is very satisfied with the services provided, by reducing large investments while being able to answer the ever-dynamic banking challenges. With a small investment cost (only use OPEX), XL can increase agility and be able to competently compete with competitors.

PT. Finnet Indonesia

PT. Finnet Indonesia (Finnet), formerly named PT. Telkom Finnet, is a subsidiary of PT. Telkom Indonesia established since 2006. Finnet is engaged in information technology-based payment system solutions, including billing aggregators, electronic payment platforms and online payment solutions, with their flagship FinPay products.

Equnix serves Finnet in 2011 in implementing the PostgreSQL Database system for their IT systems, that is, by implementing Database Finnet migration from Oracle 10g to PostgreSQL. This migration includes Mobile Cash app migration, which uses mobile devices for financial transactions. Equnix successfully migrates the Finnet Database, including the structure, object and all Finnet data. There was a problem of compatibility between the old Oracle Database and the new Database in PostgreSQL, but Equnix could easily handle it in just three days.

Equnix returns to serve Finnet in migrating data and apps in 2012 so that most of their apps now use PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL usage speeds up the Database query time in the Finnet system from 40 seconds to just 1 second for every 1000 data.

PT. Nutech Integrasi

PT. Nutech Integrasi (Nutech) is one of the systems integrator company engaged in Smart Card solution, Access Control and Security, Gate System, Ticketing, and Parking. Established since 2006, Nutech has served many people from banking, telecommunication operators, government public services, to educational institutions.

For Nutech, Equnix provides PostgreSQL Advanced Training. The training was conducted in-house at Nutech's office, and was attended by Database Administrator (DBA), Developer and Nutech's internal programmer.

Feedback received by Equnix in the evaluation of the training participants shows that Nutech is satisfied with the training provided by Equnix. It is also worth noting that with the participation of Nutech as implementer, PostgreSQL Database system has been used in transportation system with rail mode in Indonesia, especially in ticketing system on Commuter Line train network by PT. KCJ in Jakarta. Working with Nutech, Equnix implements PostgreSQL on one of the telco in Indonesia over the application that is widely used by customers of the telecommunications company.

PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi

Equnix serves the Bimasakti with the implementation of the PostgreSQL Database system in the Bimasakti IT system since July 24th 2013, which includes installation, Database migration to PostgreSQL, the installation and deployment of Database replication solutions, as well as their Database optimization. Equnix tuning efforts on PostgreSQL in the Bimasakti system resulted in high performance, up to 4500 Queries Per Second (QPS). Bimasakti has been satisfied with the services of Equnix where Database migration and replication runs smoothly.

PT. Bimasakti Multi Sinergi (Bimasakti), formerly named PT. Bimasakti Multiwealth, is engaged in Payment Gateway solutions, Payment Switching Provider, and e-payment, aimed at end user consumers. With the superior product of FastPay payment channel, Bimasakti has an extensive network of payment points, covering 92,000 payment points throughout Indonesia. In providing electronic payment solutions, Bimasakti has partnered with various merchants including banking, utility companies, retail stores and gadget and electronics manufacturing.


Equnix serves the PostgreSQL Database system implementation in the BULOG IT system since March 11th 2015, which is positioned to support BULOG's national-scale applications. After the performance tuning results, the system performance test results of the PostgreSQL Database reached more than 5,600 Queries Per Second (QPS). The Database Administrator (DBA) and Developer BULOG also get PostgreSQL Training from Equnix to increase their ability to manage the Database system for the application.

Perum BULOG (BULOG) is a state-owned general company established since May 10, 1967, engaged in food logistics, covering logistics/warehousing, pest surveying and surveying, supply of plastic bags, transport business, food commodity trade and retail business. As a company that keeps the government's public duty, BULOG maintains the Basic Price of Grain Purchase, price stabilization, especially the cost of goods, the distribution of Raskin and the management of food stock.

TrueMoney Indonesia

Equnix serves True Money with advanced PostgreSQL training, Professional Enterprise PostgreSQL Advanced Training, which equips TrueMoney Developer and Database Administrator (DBA) with expert knowledge to manage PostgreSQL.

TrueMoney Developer and Database Administrator (DBA) trainees are very enthusiastic about the material provided. This is especially true when discussing the features of BDR (Bi-Directional Replication), which is a Multi-Master data replication feature (Multimaster Replication). The training also draws attention to the participants when discussing Backup creation and Recovery implementation with PITR (Point-in-Time Recovery), replication with Slony-I feature, and Performance tuning.

TrueMoney is an electronic payment service from PT. Witami Tunai Mandiri which allows users to perform various financial transactions through smartphones, websites, and EDC. TrueMoney is licensed by Bank Indonesia as a service provider and money transfer service that can be used throughout Indonesia. TrueMoney Indonesia is part of the Ascend International group of companies based in Thailand.

According to feedback, the Professional Enterprise PostgreSQL Advanced Training participants at TrueMoney were satisfied with the training materials as well as the performance and proficiency of faculty from Equnix.

In addition to Training, Truemoney Indonesia also uses the Equnix service to maintain PostgreSQL Database performance for their Mission Critical Production System Server since June 12th 2017. Truemoney is a company engaged in financial services that require a qualified Database system to conduct transactions and they entrust Enterprise-class PostgreSQL Databases as the cornerstone of their financial transactions. Truemoney is very satisfied with the services provided by Equnix because it can increase the performance many times over on their services.

PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA)

Equnix serves WIKA since March 9th 2017, to get a powerful Database performance and support the latest features, thereby increasing the speed, accuracy and maximum performance that will ultimately improve overall work efficiency.

One example, the upgrade and tuning results are jointly tested by Equnix and WIKA with complex queries from WIKA applications. The test results show a significant increase of 3100%, from 68,793,561 ms on the PostgreSQL system before upgrading to 2,201,558 ms.

PT. Wijaya Karya (WIKA) is a state-owned enterprise with construction and building specialties that has been established since 1960. WIKA has passed a series of rapid growth phases to have various divisions covering related business activities including building construction, property, and realty, concrete, metal , as well as trade and industry.

As one of the pillars of State Owned Enterprise in Indonesia, WIKA has contributed to using software from Open Source to avoid the dependence of expensive external licenses. However, the use of PostgreSQL which has been long enough in WIKA needs to be refreshed again, because it is still using the expired version.

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Equnix has been serving ExxonMobil since November 10th 2016, in migrating data from Oracle to PostgreSQL by the data reporting requirements set by SKKmigas. Equnix also creates ETL scripts from Oracle to PostgreSQL according to the data format specified by SKKmigas.

ExxonMobil Company has been operating in Indonesia for over 118 years. ExxonMobil has a proud long history of working with the people of Indonesia. For over a century ExxonMobil has helped provide energy for Indonesia. Along with the development of the era of data reporting needs in Indonesia, SKK migas set PostgreSQL as a place of data storage media reporting while ExxonMobil used Oracle Database.

PT. Aplikanusa Lintasarta

Equnix has been serving PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta since June 2nd 2017, to set up PostgreSQL Databases on Production and Staging Servers for Lintasarta application needs. To prepare Server Production that is capable of handling high loads, Equnix performs Database Tuning and performs PostgreSQL Benchmark on Server Production. Equnix also configured Full Backup and Archiving (Incremental Backup) mechanisms and configured Stream Replication to reduce downtime during the failover process.

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Lintasarta Company is an Indonesian company engaged in data communication service provider. The company is majority-owned by Indosat Ooredoo and the rest is owned by several institutions such as foundations and cooperatives. The company provides a wide range of Terrestrial (Wireline, Wireless) and VSAT solution services with various platforms such as Clear Channel, Frame Rela, and IP as well as Dedicated Internet and Data Center services.

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PT. Bank Mega Tbk.

Starting from a family-owned business called PT. Bank Karman established in 1969 and domiciled in Surabaya, then in 1992 changed its name to PT. Mega Bank and relocate Head Office to Jakarta. PT. Mega Bank in 1996 was taken over by CT Corpora and in 2000 changed the name of PT. Mega Bank to PT. Bank Mega. At the time of the economic crisis, Bank Mega emerged as one of the Bank that was not affected by the crisis and continued to grow without government assistance together with Citibank, Deutche Bank and HSBC. Many awards have been obtained one of them is Top Bank 2016 Category: Book IIIBusiness News.

Equnix held an in-house PostgreSQL Advanced Training on April 27 - May 4, 2017. The training was held at PT. Bank Mega Tbk. Which is located at Menara Bank Mega 12th Floor, South Jakarta. Training conducted for 5 days with a total duration of 40 hours. Equnix brings advanced PostgreSQL Training with material around PostgreSQL Concepts and Architectures, PostgreSQL Installation by Compiling, Objects and Query, Monitoring, Maintenance, Data Replication, Backup and Restore and Migration from Other Databases (mysql, Ms SQL Server, Oracle) to Database PostgreSQL. This PostgreSQL training teaches advanced skills on how to manage PosgreSQL Databases to participants. In this training the participants do hands-on starting from how to Install Database PostgreSQL, perform Monitoring and Administration Server Database up to do Benchmark on PostgreSQL Server. Hands-on is also facilitated by the tutorial in the form of slide presentation.

Telkom Akses

Telkom Akses chose PostgreSQL as the foundation for more than 5 of their main applications which also utilize the Geospatial Information System (PostGIS) feature. Previously, Telkom Akses was already using PostgreSQL, but had difficulties because of unavailability of an expert that can support it when risks arise. Equnix is here to help Telkom Akses in minimizing those risks, and maximize the power of PostgreSQL services to its main applications. Equnix believes that by making improvements to previous implementations and ongoing support, Telkom Akses can focus more on network provision and not worry about PostgreSQL that stores all of their important data.

One of Telkom's subsidiaries engaged in the development and managed service infrastructure network, established since December 12, 2012. Telkom Akses concentrates on the business of providing construction services in Indonesia, to develop a broadband network in order to deliver a quality and affordable internet connection. In addition to broadband network installation, other services provided by Telkom Akses are Network Terminal Equipment (NTE) and Broadband Access Management and Operations Maintenance Services.


Located in Singapore, ESSILOR AMERA is an industrial enterprise that specializes in providing optical lens for eyewear. ESSILOR itself was established in 1972 by combining two French companies Essel and Silor, which dominated the eyewear lens market in France from the mid-20th century. Today ESSILOR is a gigantic company, with almost more than 55,000 employees worldwide. ESSILOR AMERA is one of the regional ESSILOR companies dealing with Asia, Middle East, Russia and Africa.

ESSILOR AMERA uses PostgreSQL as the main database in the Supply Chain Management application that is accessed from all ESSILOR branches worldwide. Due to the constantly changing needs, ESSILOR decided to make Equnix a partner in designing High Availability solutions for PostgreSQL. Equnix is ​​responsible for fulfilling the availability of services with no downtime and performance improvements to service all running transactions. By implementing a mature design, Equnix has provided the best service to maintain PostgreSQL HA quality and easy configuration to be understood by ESSILOR's internal team in order to implement the design in other constellations.

Indonesia Comnet plus (ICON+)

PT Indonesia Comnets Plus (ICON +) is a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero). In 2001, ICON + began its commercial activities with the Network Operation Center located in Gandul, Cinere. As a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero), the establishment of ICON + is focused on serving the needs of PT PLN (Persero) for telecommunications networks. However, along with the industry's need for a telecommunications network with a consistent level of availability and reliability, ICON + is expanding its business by channeling excess capacity in the optical fiber electricity telecommunications network owned by PT PLN (Persero). As the business expanding, the needs of solutions to make there is no critical time demand is important. Equnix supplied Icon+ the speed and efficiency along with the assurance that Icon+ could rely on our support and responds. By giving maintenance services on its PostgreSQl and also Deepgreen, Icon+ can now focus on expanding connectivity in Indonesia.

Yee Yee Tun International Myanmar

Yee Yee Tun has implemented ERP Application to control their business which uses PostgreSQL as Database Server of the application. There was a problem on the application and database server where the performance was bad and slow even though they upgraded the Server. Equnix comes with a solution and optimization of the database PostgreSQL to handle this case. Once Equnix has implemented some solution and optimization and based on confirmation from the IT Team of Yee Yee Tun the ERP Application runs much faster than before.

YEE YEE TUN INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd, based in 128, Lower KyeeMyinDaing Road, Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar, is a limited liability company engaged in retail business. Yee Yee Tun International has quickly grown and currently has 50 branches around Myanmar.


Equnix is present to provide PostgreSQL maintenance services on 6 main Prudential databases which are used as internal applications. Equnix has provided several solutions and optimizations for the database so that the database is always in prime condition and good performance.

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Established firmly in 1995, PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia) is part of Prudential plc, a group of leading financial services companies in the UK. As part of a Group with more than 168 years of experience in the life insurance industry, Prudential Indonesia is committed to developing its business in Indonesia. Prudential Indonesia provides a variety of products and services designed to meet and complement every financial need of its customers in Indonesia. Prudential Indonesia has also established a Sharia business unit since 2007 and is trusted as the leader in the Sharia life insurance market in Indonesia since its establishment.

"Equnix has shown its leading knowledge on Postgre database platform in which technical expertise is key necessity for IT platforms. Working with Equnix provides reliability and transparency on tasks at hand & communications." - Wirianto (PRUDENTIAL).

PT Kimia Farma Tbk.

Equnix Team is present to provide solutions and specific optimizations for Kimia Farma's Point-of-Sale database since August 15th 2019. This database is used by Kimia Farma stores throughout Indonesia. The Equnix team implemented High Availability to support the database system to remain accessible. Equnix also provides several solutions related to applications so that they can access the database precisely which increases the performance of the application itself.

PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk, usually called Kimia Farma, has developed into an integrated health care company in Indonesia. Kimia Farma Healthcare business is supported by pharmaceutical manufacturing, research, and development, distribution and trading, marketing, pharmaceutical retail, as well as clinical laboratories and health clinics.

PT. Cipta Piranti Sejahtera

The Accurate accounting software application uses the PostgreSQL database as its database. Equnix is present to provide solutions and optimization for the database. As a database used by all regions of Indonesia, it requires that the PostgreSQL Database must always be in optimal condition. Equnix has done some patches and optimizations of its own specifications for the CPSSoft database.

PT Cipta Piranti Sejahtera (CPSSoft) is a software development company for business purposes. Starting from the idea of native citizens who want to actively participate in national development, then their flagship product, Accurate accounting software, was developed.

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PT. Harja Gunatama Lestari (Borma)

Borma (PT Harja Gunatama Lestari) has a Post-of-Sale sales system that uses the PostgreSQL database as its database server. This is the right choice because Borma can save costs when using other proprietary software. A large, critical system must have a reliable database and have local professional support so that the database is always in prime condition.

Equnix is pleased to maintain the Borma database and has provided support for every case that occurs. This provides peace of mind for Borma management because if a case occurs, the case can immediately escalate to Equnix. Equnix has also optimized the reporting queries which were previously slow but now reporting can run faster.

Borma is a huge, inexpensive, and complete department store, which provides goods ranging from basic necessities, cosmetics, household appliances, electronics, building equipment, hobbies, motorcycle accessories, cars, and also computers.

Ooredoo Myanmar

Ooredoo has an application called MediationZone which is software that transforms raw usage data into accurate items for billing. Originally built for the telecom industry, MediationZone is today also used by other industries looking to collect and process usage data for billing purposes. The application was developed by DigitalRoute.

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Equnix comes to support the database which is used by the application to ensure the database alway on while previous version the application using another database, and on version 8 use PostgreSQL as database server. Equnix has implemented PostgreSQL with High Availability on this architecture to minimize the downtime if there are hardware problems occurring on the database Server.

Ooredoo Myanmar Limited is a telecommunications company . The Company offers cellular, mobile and fixed telecommunication, multimedia, call transfer and forwarding, conference calling, data communication, and internet services. Ooredoo Myanmar serves customers in Myanmar.

As the Partner, Digital Route really appreciates the support from Equnix which has solved any problem on the database side and also helps the team on cases on application.

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Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi

Equnix provides advanced PostgreSQL Training Database to Database Administrator (DBA). This training is designed to provide participants from KPK deeper exploration of the PostgreSQL Database system, both conceptually and technically, as well as an understanding of PostgreSQL's more in-depth features, and gain technical capabilities on PostgreSQL features such as Backup, Restore and Replication. All these materials will assist them in running their projects.

Bank Kalsel

Bank Kalsel is one of the banks in Indonesia with the company name PT. Pembangunan Daerah Kalimantan Selatan which was established in 25th March 1964. The purpose of establishing Bank BPD Kalsel is to help and encourage economic growth and regional development as well as one of the sources of local revenue to improve people's lives through banking business activities based on conventional and Sharia principles.

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The government decided to establish Lembaga National Single Window (LNSW) signed by the president on May 31, 2018, in presidential regulation. Lembaga National Single Window (LNSW) is an institution tasked with carrying out the management of Indonesia National Single Window (INSW) and organizing the System Indonesia National Single Window (SINSW) handling customs documents, quarantine documents, Licensing documents, port/airport documents, and other documents to exports and or imports, and national logistic document electronically.

PT Fortress Data Services

Since October 2021, Equnix has served FDS by Premium Maintenance Support PostgreSQL ensuring uninterrupted system and device continuity. FDS is supported by Local Maintenance Services Equnix, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Services for FDS include Maintenance Services, Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance on Client’s database. Equnix is ​​always ready to deal with potential risks that may occur. Equnix’ team is ready to provide help ranging from telephone consultation to arrival for intensive improvement.

Fortress Data Services (FDS) is an ecosystem hub and world-class technology-driven application service provider headquartered in Indonesia with a regional presence, local implementation and support in South and Southeast Asia including countries such as the Philippines, Myanmar and Bangladesh. With decades of experience, FDS has led the digital transformation of more than 100 financial institutions in select markets. FDS has become Southeast Asia's first world-class provider of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model for Core Banking, Mobile Banking, and the Digital Financial Ecosystem. FDS is also the first to open a Tier 4 Data Center in Southeast Asia.

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