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Equnix Business Solutions

Equnix Business Solutions (Equnix) is an IT Solution Provider delivering alternative solutions for Corporations to achieve more resilience and independence in IT. Our solution is based on research and heavily uses Open-source software, especially in IT Infrastructure such as RDBMS, OS, Network, Filesystem, Security, etc. We strive to help our clients gain independence, freedom, and sovereignty.

Our delivery consists of 3 (three) activities: (a) Professional Support Services, (b) Expert Consulting for High-Performance Mission Critical Systems optimization such as RDBMS (based on Postgres), Transaction Systems, etc., and (c) World class quality of software development delivery. Our resilient and sustainable research and development of solutions to achieve better results every day are at the core of our activities.

We are customer-oriented, we listen to the needs of our clients, and we give them the best solution based on their needs. We have operated since 2007 when no one dared to use Open Source Software on their Mission Critical Production System. We believed from the beginning that Open-source is great for Corporations; They should take benefit of it, and we are there to support them in using it correctly, properly and in a good way, giving a hand as the acting principal and taking over the risk and converting it into a business solution. We support them as if the product of Open-source is ours, up to the Principal level of support by our research and development team.

We are:

An Open Source and Open Mind Company


Strive to achieve our Freedom, increase our Independence and achieve more of our true Sovereignty


Provides alternative, sophisticated and comprehensive IT solutions, based on Our research and Open Source. Synergize the best practices to answer business needs. Delivering it to Enterprises to avoid vendor lock-in. Helping them migrate their suffering into happiness. We believe having stronger Enterprises creating even stronger Society.


Julyanto Sutandang

Julyanto Sutandang

Chief Executive Officer
Lucky Haryadi

Lucky Haryadi

Chief Technology Officer