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Ora2PG Replication

A real-time heterogeneous DB replication solution

Ora2PG Replication is the real-time heterogeneous DB replication solution for fast and safely replicating data between two different OS and DB environments. With direct log access, it directly accesses transaction log files and extracts changed data without loading performances of the source server. Replicating heterogeneous DB is possible by sending data to target DBMS in any platform environments.

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About ArkData

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Hybrid Platform

  • Supports various OS and DB
  • Data replication between heterogeneous DBMS
  • Data replication between On-Premise and Cloud

Direct Log Access

  • Fast data extraction by directly accessing redo log files of DB
  • Guarantees data consistency by analyzing file format and directly extracting changed data

Middleware Architecture

  • Minimizes source server load using Middleware architecture
  • Can backup tracing files
  • Real-time 1:N data replication between standardized and efficient heterogeneous environments

Main Function

Heterogeneous DB Replication

  • Support major source DBMS
  • Support major target DBMS
  • Support various replication configurations (1:1, 1:N, N:1)
  • Support for Oracle RAC, ASM, Multitenant

Data Stability & Consistency

  • Encrypts transferred data
  • Checks data stability and consistency and rapid recovery architecture
  • Compares data stability and consistency

High Performance

  • Direct Log Access
  • Remote replication by minimizing network load
  • Minimal load on source server by applying M/W

Dashboard & Management

  • CLI / GUI based monitoring and managing system
  • Analyzing process status and replication status
  • Access through mobile service

Expected Goal

Reducing Costs & Enhancing Efficiency

  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) for system construction and operation
  • Can use data comparison, recovery, and monitoring functions without additional purchase
  • Minimizing the load on IT infrastructure and providing a cost-effective extension plan
  • Minimizing downtime and reduction on subsidiary costs

Minimizing Hazards & Guaranteeing Business Continuity

  • Minimizing data loss and guaranteeing data consistency
  • Data recovery and additional data backup plan using changed data
  • Availability guaranteed up to 99% during migration and upgrade

Higher Business Efficiency

  • Increased practical use of target server by using real-time replicated data
  • Providing data in real-time to assist with business decision-making
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through enlarged system capability
  • Ensures immediate technical support and response to high-level issues.