Equnix Appliance is an Integrated Computing for high Performance Transaction System. It is an Appliance complete with 11DB/Postgres™, Comprehensive Monitoring and Tools, High Availability, Backup and Recovery, 24/7 Managed Suppport.

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Include: provisioning, installation, configuration, tuning, managed support, consulting and capacity planning. Everything is done for you, it is ready for high performance mission critical production system, especially for RDBMS.

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Equnix Appliance is implemented greatly for:

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It is specifically designed to ensure that resource management is able to manage easily by our experienced and trusted Engineers. It is dedicated, therefore the company resources are able to reach maximum efficiency and deliver the best throughput. There are 2 ways to acquire:

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Why Equnix Appliance?

You may avoid risk of investment and business. This solution cuts long and slow procurement process, no need to deal with many vendors. Leave the hassle to Equnix.

Technology evolves rapidly, demands IT solutions and supports increasing the need for availability. Barriers, challenges from human resources, hardware, database systems and lead time might be the stoppers from the dynamic needs of management and business demands, especially for companies among Enterprise, Banking, and Telco. A large enterprise of 1000+ employees won’t have the same IT requirements as a start-up, using cloud services from Cloud Provider may not be enough, it needs more security guarantee and equally important flexibility, ease of use. Equnix Appliances is here as the answer to these challenges.

It is designed specifically to ensure resource management can be managed easily by our experienced and trusted engineers. As a Platform-as-a-Services, and dedicated only to a single entity, computing resource usage can achieve maximum efficiency and delivery the best throughput. There are 2 ways to acquire: (a) use operational expenditure (OPEX) by using subscriptions or (b) capital expenditure (CAPEX) by using our own appliance.

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24/7 Managed Support

Equnix Appliance is not coming alone, it is a complete solution delivery, from the hardware with premium Instant Replacement Support, the rock solid operating system of GNU/Linux Debian, up to the its services: Container, 11DB/Postgres™, Monitoring System, Secure Remote Access, etc. It is a managed system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Assisted Advanced Operation

The usage of the system is based on the requirement, one can use (mostly) for 11DB/Postgres™, an Enterprise RDBMS derived from 11DB/Postgres™, with 100% compatibility, or other softwares such as Java-based Applications, or else. Equnix Appliance can run any app other than 11DB/Postgres™, but with limited support for the apps. When it is used as an RDBMS, this Appliance will be supported comprehensively up to the 11DB/Postgres™ Principal level support.

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Uptime Warranty 99.9%

To enable the maximum level of availability, client should implement HA (High Availability) which means, client should install 2 (two) Servers side by side. This constellation of high availability is needed in order to achieve 99.9% of uptime availability as promised. Equnix Appliance comes with HA ability, and it is implemented by default if the client agrees.

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Instant Replacement

We provide spares hardware for any production level running system, so there is no need to worry about availability of the system. High availability implementation already guarantees the availability up to 99.9% and by having a instant replacement warranty increases more percentage of availability.

Equnix Appliance

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Business Continuity Assurance

There is no online business having no risk of being exposed to any interruption in their services throughout the year. Modern business tend to have more services and want their uptime to be as high as possible. To ensure business continuity, one should have great assurance for their vendors and their experience of the vendor's services. Moreover, having an assurance that the designated business runs well, and continues rolling the services without any interruption is a great feature.

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Flexible Resource Allocation

Since the appliance resource is dedicated to a single user, there is nothing to worry about the resource allocation. The cost of maintenance depends on the usage monthly yet the remaining resource is ready to use anytime and dedicated.

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Ready for High Performance RDBMS (11DB/Postgres™)

When the appliance is being used for RDBMS running: we only support 11DB/Postgres™ for RDBMS, but we are also open to application other than RDBMS which are able to run on top of linux OS. If it runs for 11DB/Postgres™, which is the best scenario for Equnix Appliance, it will be supported comprehensively from ground to top (from physical hardware up to the business process delivery of 11DB/Postgres™) Our estimate of maximum performance for 11DB/Postgres™ on this machine is more than 150.000 (One hundred fifty thousands) query transaction per second: A more than enough number for almost every business transaction needs.

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Comprehensive System Monitoring

Gives you more control over your data and infrastructure, allowing you to intervene promptly with needed changes. Your IT department can monitor and use advanced analytics to predict and prevent bottlenecks or issues that might happen in the near future. The data of the monitoring system is supplied by an agent which can be collected securely from anywhere in the world.

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Highly Reliable, Available, Scalable

Appliance comply with Enterprise standard delivery which comprise: Reliability, Availability and Scalability. Reliability: Operating System is hardened according to the need of User and qualification; Availability: Able to set up as High Availability system for Scalability: There is no one-size-fits all solution, we scale the system according to your need. Every Organization has their own requirements for their business objectives. We provide you the best configuration for your needs.

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Secure and Private Remote Access

Our embedded key and high standard access security developed specially for this Appliance is one of the greatest features. The Appliance Agent monitors 24/7 to ensure there is no potential issue of security.

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Secured and Fortified

There are 2 types of security of an IT system: Access and Data security. Access security refers to Data in-transit, and in-use, while Data security is related to any data encryption which happens in data storage. Access security talks also about authentication and authorization which required a very well framework to develop a secured and fortified system.

How to Get Yours?

  1. With a 1 year minimum contract, we can commence within a day.

  2. You may sign a contract with us for 1, 2, or 3 years consecutively.

  3. You could extend the contract anytime, and for 3 years contract in a row you will get hardware ownership as a bonus.

  4. You don't need to invest in hardware, software, facilities, utilities, or build a large data center to grow your business.

  5. We ensure your production system runs sophistically 24 hours a day 7 days a week while you are having a very good night sleep.

This Appliance is the answer for your long awaited question.

How to Get Yours?

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How to do Renewal?

There are 2 types of renewal:

  1. 1
    Contract Renewal

    You can renew the contract every year with a progressive discount

  2. 2
    Upgrade Renewal

    You may have a brand new hardware every year with the same pricing of last year

Our Ready Stock Appliance is already a good decision, but the One Stop Support for your high performance production system is your best decision

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