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The next Equnix webinar #6 will be held on 9 Dec 2020. We bring you a really hot topic, on how to backup Oracle database real time using PostgreSQL?

ArkData is the solution for us, its ability to read Oracle CDC data and replicate it into a PostgreSQL Database, so you will have a real time backup from Oracle into a PostgreSQL. You don't need to buy another expensive Oracle License anymore.

This Arkdata solution is a product from Equnix's partner from South Korea and Equnix is the sole distributor in Indonesia and surrounding countries.

This Webinar will be conducted to present this great solution from ArkData and we can have a great discussion after that.

Next is your turn to get special souvenirs from us! We prepare product that reveals the intricate workmanship of the hand-painted patterns with original lacquer that were sent directly from South Korea.

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Real time replication from Oracle to PostgreSQL

It is simply just another version of Golden Gate for PostgreSQL, it is called Ark-CDC from ArkData Solutions. By using this tool, you can have a real backup replication from Oracle Database while enabling the migration system into PostgreSQL based Applications.

It guarantees the data will stay intact and preserve the data integrity as before, well proven in mission critical systems. Ora2PG Replication is the real-time heterogeneous DB replication solution for fast and safely replicating data between two different OS and DB environments.

With direct log access, it directly accesses transaction log files and extracts changed data without loading performances of the source server. Replicating heterogeneous DB is possible by sending data to target DBMS in any platform environment.

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Chris Travers

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