Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration


  • Delivers comprehensive assessment reports to present how your system can be migrated and optimized

  • Analysis, implementation, and migration done by fully experienced team to ensure all migration process running smoothly without any hassle

  • Advanced technique and methods, so downtime is minimized as high as possible
If you want to migrate your existing system, please take our
Migration Pre-liminary Questionnaire
Migration to PostgreSQL

Migration Services

Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Services
Professional Services to help you migrate to PostgreSQL

Our Professional Services do not only cover Maintenance and Managing your PostgreSQL Database, but also support to migrate your existing Oracle system to PostgreSQL. This Professional Services include multiple stages from Pre-liminary and Comprehensive Assessment, Strategic Analysis, Structure and Logic Conversion, and Comprehensive Migration Rundown. Our expert team will deliver the precise yet prudent solutions for migrating Oracle to PostgreSQL.

Migration Stages

We help you to migrate your current Oracle database to PostgreSQL without hassle. Combining sophisticated technique and professional expertise, ensuring your application can run smoothly after migration.

# Description

Migration Assessment Stages


Preliminary Assessment

Given a couple of days (2 days) to analyze all the database Objects briefly to get some ideas on how long it take to do such Comprehensive Assessment. Look for potential Stopper: System Functions, Customization possibility, Specific Function/Datatype, Allowable Downtime, Any potential copyright infrigment, etc. Develop Mitigation, solution and possibility workaround.


Comprehensive Assessment

Assess all the object mentioned in the scope of work, very detailed. Produce Comprehensive Assessment Report, consist:
  1. Level of Difficulties
  2. How many Mandays Effort
  3. Migration Schedules
  4. Proposed Migration Rundown
  5. Analysis Report

Schematic Migration

Most of the Structures are compatible with PostgreSQL (even not 100%). Prepare the “bucket” first, then the “water”
Dump all database object structures (tables, sequences, views, etc.)
Check whether specific data types should be converted
User Defined Types should be deeply examined
Constraints (PK, FK, Uniqueness, Indices) will be recreated in PostgreSQL, as long as Database Object Relationship is kept consistent

Data Migration - Analysis

Migration Data from Oracle to PostgreSQL is dealing with downtime and ETL, and somehow it needs very fast.
How much is the Downtime tolerance
Housekeep data from Oracle Source Database
Doing Stress Test to the pre-migrated data
Using FDW/ETL Tools, it is possible to start synchronizing data without interrupting current Transactional Process on Source Database

Logic Migration - Analysis

Logic conversion is the PAIN, when doing migration. Requires a deep understanding on how the function works.
Streamline the Logic
How many total line of codes used on Stored Procedures/Functions/Packages
Doing Stress Test to the pre-migrated data
Is there any Oracle specific functions used?
Create a mimic for called functions, as long as output is the same
PostgreSQL is highly extensible platform, if not supported yet, we can create it as long as we have the expertise
Do System Integration and Regression Test with application

System Migration - Analysis

How long downtime can be tolerate by Management?
Based on the finding from Data Migration, we can understand how long it take to migration the live data, this is the main consideration to develop Rundown System Migration
How many Instance Application involve in the System Migration?
How many party involved in System Migration?