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Bram Moolenaar, Vim's Developer Passed Away

Thursday 3 August 2023, the world of computing and software development mourned the passing of Bram Moolenaar. Bram Moolenaar is a Dutch engineer, software activist, and Open Source developer who created Vim. Moolenaar is dedicated to consistently creating, maintaining, and improving the Vim code editor, ensuring its continued excellence.

Vim or 'Vi IMproved' is a powerful and versatile Open Source text editor for developers, programmers, and Linux enthusiasts. Bram Moolenaar started work on Vim for the Amiga computer in 1988 by testing several vi clones, including Stevie. He took Stevie's source code and improved it. After looking to match vi, Moolenaar eventually added additional features, such as undoing some levels. The first versions of Vim, each under the name "Vi IMitation" were released on a public domain disc set created by Fred Fish. Some users ported Vim to other platforms, such as MS-DOS and Unix. Until Bram Moolenaar released the first version of Vim to the public in 1991 by changing the name 'Vi IMitation' to "Vi IMproved". This modal editor offers command line and graphical user interface forms.

In 2018, Vim was voted the most popular editor among Linux Journal readers; in 2015, Vim was the third most popular text editor according to a Stack Overflow developer survey; and in 2019 as the fifth most popular development environment. Vim was not only created as a powerful and efficient text editor, but also as a charitable drive for users who download it to provide aid to AIDS victims and children in Uganda.

Bram Moolenaar's contribution in programming and software development, has had a huge impact on the world. Even though his body is no longer in the world, his works have inspired and encouraged future technological advances. Our loss is real and our deepest condolences to his family, friends and everyone who has benefited from his work and creation. The tech world will forever remember Bram Moolenaar's contribution and his great legacy: the Vim code editor.