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We always give the best of our solution to be implemented on your system. Below are the price information of our most asked product/services. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
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PostgreSQL - Premium Maintenance Services Subscription

Our Services in this Premium Maintenance Services Support is from Installation, Configuration, Tuning, Backup/Recovery, High Availability. There are Prevention Maintenance, and Correction Maintenance, it is a 24 hours daily and 365 days a long the year support. Delivering the most sophisticated support, a peace of mind.

For more information, please refer to our Equnix Enterprise PostgreSQL SLA Plan

core (yearly)


PostgreSQL - Managed Support Services

This services is a rider for Maintenance Services and therefore purchasing this service requires purchase of the Maintenance Service on the same object. All Operational Management including what have been described on Premium Maintenance Services. We are maintaining the operational Database as if remote DBA and act proactively to monitor your Database Installation.

For more information, please refer to our Equnix Enterprise PostgreSQL SLA Plan

instance (yearly)


DEEPGREEN - Multiclustered, MPP Datawarehouse Solutions

Our High Performance Data Warehouse System supports Massive Parallel Processing and specially created Clustered Scalability System for Business Intelligence. Performance is enhanced with JIT, faster upload, and easy scalability. Compatible with Greenplum, but 5x faster.

core (yearly)



Migration from Oracle Database Production System into High Performance PostgreSQL

We help you to migrate your current Oracle database to PostgreSQL without hassle. Combining sophisticated technique and professional expertise, ensuring your application can run smoothly after migration.




Mandays - Solutions Architect

Design, Create, and make solution of the IT System and its Architectures. Orchestrate all involved objects to deliver the Sophisticated Solutions. Rearchitect the current system into more proper implementation which surpassing its constraint and achieve better approach in IT System.



Mandays - System Analyst

Together with Solution Architect, analyze system throughly from gathered information, give solution design proposal, including implementation, optimization, reliability, availability, and scalability, and working under very minimal supervision.



Mandays - Database Architect

An Experienced Database Designer with ability to analyze current database Implementation and create a better solution in Architecture, Implementation, Operation and Strategized for Reliability, Availability and Scalability.



Mandays - Database Administrator

Administrator for RDBMS Related technical issues (Installation, Tuning, Analyst, Query, Backup and Recovery).



Mandays - Senior Developer

Independent, Solution Oriented, Develop and managing applications and working under very minimal supervision.



Mandays - Junior Developer

Develop as designed and documented on Functional Specification Design.



Mandays - Technical Writer

Writes fully functional of technical documentation as part as software delivery.




Training - In House Basic PostgreSQL

In this training, audience would introduced to RDBMS and learn about Concept and Implementation of PostgreSQL as Object based Database System. As a basic training of Database, audience will be directed to have proficiency of using, administering, and managing database server. SQL Standard would be a focus in this traning to gain wide acceptance on implementation. Training will conduct in 3 (three) days

3 days training


Training - In House BasicPlus PostgreSQL

To provide knowledge of proficiency in using, administering, and managing database server on Linux environment, audience can also learn about Linux OS Concept and Basic Administration, along with RDBMS and learn about Concept and Implementation of PostgreSQL as Object based Database System. Training will conduct in 5 (five) days, consist of 2 days for Linux OS sessions, and 3 days of PostgreSQL sessions.

5 days training


Training - In House Advanced PostgreSQL

This training is intended for System Administrator who will maintain and managed day to day operation of Database Server on Production Site. Training session will focus more on proficiency to tune, advance monitoring, managing database security, PostgreSQL objects in-depth, replication, HA, and backup/restore. Most of training activities are directed to Hands-on session. Training will conduct in 5 (five) days. Includes: For more information, please refer to our Equnix PostgreSQL Training Syllabus

5 days training