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POSEqunix is enterprise level point of sales management application for all retail and wholesale businesses. Focused on Hypermart, Supermart, Minimarket, and Wholesale. Support Multi Store, Multi Fuction, Multi Promotion, and Multi Payment Media.

POSEqunix is one of the best choices of POS Solution available off-the-shelf. Specially developed by highly experienced Software Architect and Skilled Full Stack Developers, POSEqunix is fulfilled with numerous Promotions, Discounts, Vouchers, Coupons, and so on. It is very light and robust, able to run independently without requiring remote servers while updating the sales and product/promo changes immediately, considered as real time updated on both direction: Terminal and Head Office.

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About POSEqunix

Easy to Setup and Deploy
POS Versioning Control
Data Versioning Control
Using Open Source Linux Operating System
Pos Equnix
Using open source database PostgreSQL
Using User Profile Matrix
Electronic Voucher Support
Web-based Application

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Get Peace of Mind

  • Every Terminal able to run independently, network problem will be no stopper anymore.
  • Efficient data exchanged, thus enable synchronization would only need a small bandwidth. Modem/Mobile phone would be enough.
  • Eliminate the presence of store server, thus eliminate headache, remote maintenance and hardware/site maintenance.
  • Data Exchange treated and monitor well, with real time monitoring and alert system.
  • Lower cost in investment and operational maintenance, both personnel and sites/hardware.
  • Customization based on business requirement.


  • Each POS in every Store connected directly to Head Office (Can use GSM Modem, DSL Cable, etc.)
  • Product/Promo and sales synchronization can be done in real time less than 1 hour.
  • POS System is ready to use touch Screen Monitor or Keyboard-based system.
  • Each POS can integrate directly to EDC, Telco Topup Server, Bank Web Services, Payment Gateway, Merchant, Electronic Money,etc.
  • Deliver Electronics Transaction Journal to Customer.

POSEqunix System

Backed up by Standby Server in real time mirroring data from Master Server, configured in High Availability (HA), therefore if a problem occurred in Master, the Standby will automatically take over within less than 10 seconds

Master DB Server is intended for serving Database PostgreSQL/11DB or POS System especially in HO

The third one is HO POSEqunix Application Server, serving all POS functionality and features, also acting as data collection server from all POSTerminals, and controller to Backend System and 3rd Party System

System able to work independently without access to Server (Standalone).

Product, promotion, sales transaction, and stock position update in real time (<1 minute), as long as POSTerminal connected to HO

Comprehensive System Monitoring: for Business Process and Infrastructure

Easy Deployment for New Feature, Bugfix, and Patches

Versioning control and monitoring on POSTerminal application

Auto-update version on POSTerminal application

The Architecture POSTerminal

Terminal application architecture has six layers. The order of layers from the base starts from Operating System, File System, Agent, and Driver (Drawer, Printer, Scanner, EDC), Web Service, Library, and User Interface. POS Interface to User is managed by a customized web browser with some functional libraries. The User Interface communicates directly with Local Web Services and Agent. Local Web Services serves some communication with Store Server / HO. Agent maintains some other connection functionality like Host-to-host, Heartbeat, Version changes/patches, Data update, etc.

In a POSTerminal, there are also drivers to cover high level communication with devices such as: Printers, Drawers, Scanners, EDC, etc. Devices are managed by Local Web Service and also the Agent.

POSTerminal Business Logic:

  1. 1

    Sales Transaction generated locally by Local Web Services, and collected by Heartbeat Agent to consolidate into HO Backend

  2. 2

    In such a period of time in between 5 seconds up to 5 minutes, Heartbeat Agent connects to the POSCentral Server. That period of connection and disconnect is called Heartbeats.

  3. 3

    There are some payloads possibly retrieved from heartbeat, and any type of files depend on the condition

  4. 4

    When they are updated available for the POSTerminal, Server will notify the Heartbeat Agent and it will be retrieved from Server and deploys it into POSTerminal

  5. 5

    When Heartbeat Agent updates Data (Master Product, Promo, Member, etc) then it will restart the Application automatically upon certain request. The POS Application will be restarted after the last current transaction is completed. In most cases, POS Application will not be restarted, but the data is updated seamlessly in the background

  6. 6

    Master data update and Application update will be done smoothly and seamlessly, in less than a minute

  7. 7

    The heartbeat from POSTerminal sends vital information of the running system and is collected in HO as part of Monitoring data. Monitoring server provides vital information from every POSTerminal in real time and shows the latest status of the POSTerminal for health information purposes. Monitoring also gives information of Master data and POSTerminal Application consistency between HO and POSTerminal

Promotion Types

Direct/Markdown Discount

Customers are able to buy items with discounted price directly without fulfilling any qualifications. Discount possibly a percentage, amount, or fixed price.

Buy X Get Y

Customers are able to buy item X at some quantity to get item Y at a discount price.

Buy X Get Y at Special Price

Customers are able to buy 1 item Y and 1 item X, bundled as a special price.

Buy X Get X

Customers are able to buy item X with a specific quantity and get another quantity with a discounted price.

Buy X at Special Price

Customers can buy up to X item with special discounted price.

2nd Purchase Promo with Same/Different Item

Customer can buy same or different item with special discounted price after buying the qualifier item.

Purchase with Purchase

Customers are allowed to get discounted prices for an item by purchasing another item as the qualifiers.

Step Discount

Customers are allowed to get more discounts by purchasing more quantity.

Special Discount for Credit Card

Discount applied at item level, for Credit Card usage as payment media. Discount possibly be defined as percentage or amount or override price.

Member Discount

Different member types are allowed to get different discount amounts, e.g members with type ‘Platinum’ will get a 5% discount while members with type ‘Gold’ only get a 2% discount.

Voucher or Stamp Reward

For every transaction that has compiled the minimum amount, the customer is able to get coupons. These coupons can be used as lucky draws to win prizes. Or stamps. These stamps are able to be redeemed for rewards, e.g. 60 stamps to get a special tumbler.

Lucky Customer Reward

Every first N-customer will get a prize. N means the number of first customers that will get a prize.

In-house Voucher

For every transaction that has complied minimum amount, the customers are able to get in-house vouchers to be redeemed on the next transaction.

Promotion By Each Payment Media

Customers are allowed to get different discounts with different payment media, e.g. 5% for payment with Cash, 6.5% for payment with Credit Card, etc.

Manual Discount Button

Cashiers are able to apply discounts for items by pressing the button manually.

Special Price Based on the Payment Media

Some promotions able to be calculated by payment media for specific items, for example get 5% using Media Payment Cash based on Item Qualifier.

Feature Details and Customizable

Report Types
  • Cashier Summary by Payment Media Report
  • Terminal Summary Information Report
  • Turn Over Report by Department
  • Payment Media Summary Report
  • Rounding Report
  • Consolidation Sales Summary Report
  • Forced Sign Off Report
  • Return and Refund Report
  • Supervisor Intervention Report
  • Cashier Activity Report
  • Productivity Sale Report
  • Return Discrepancy Report
  • Activity by POSTerminal Group Report
  • Credit Card Payment Analysis Report
  • Free Parking Report
  • Password Change and Reset Report
  • Customer Feedback Report
  • Gift Card Report
  • TOP UP Report
  • Forced Sign Off Report
  • Bill Payment Report
  • Installment Report
  • Sales Transaction Summary by Item
  • Sales Transaction Summary by Cashier
  • Discounted Transaction Summary

Advantages of Using POSEqunix

Each POS can operate in standalone mode, so more tolerable on unstable network condition.

Have a monitoring system for each store and each terminal that can be accessed via mobile.

Could use a large printer or small printer, whether dot-matrix or thermal.