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Deepgreen DB

Vitesse Deepgreen DB is a scalable MPP data warehouse solution derived from the open source Greenplum Database Project. While maintaining 100% compatibility with the open source GPDB project, Deepgreen DB has a next-genaration query processor enhanced with (1) better join and aggregation algorithms, (2) new subsystem to handle spills, and (3) advanced techniques that maximize CPU performance through JIT-compiled query execution, vectorized scans, and data-path optimization.

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TPC-H 10G Results

All 22 queries of TPC-H are measured against Greenplum DB and Deepgreen DB. Q1 and Q5 are specifically graphed below for comparisons.

All Results

Q1: Scan and aggregate fact table

Q5: 6-way-join

Raw result: Deepgreen DB vs Greenplum DB using Heap Tables

Q1 is a typical aggregate query running against the fact table.

Q5 is an aggregate over a 6-way hashjoin that joins the fact table lineitem table against the orders and supplier tables, and subsequently against other dimension tables.

Features Deepgreen DB

Greenplum SQL


Executor tuned for x86

5X Faster

AI & Machine Learning

TensorFlow, MADlib

Graph Processing


Disaster Recovery

Non-stop & incremental

Column Store

PAX, GP-column-store


lz4, zstd, zlib, quicklz

Load & Connectivity

Xdrive, gpfdist, gpload

In-memory Data Grid


Stream Interface


Fast Numerics

Dec64, Dec128

GUI Monitor

Zabbix, pgBadger

Text Search


100% Compatible with Greenplum DB

Deepgreen DB is derived from the open source Greenplum DB project. It maintains 100% compatibility with Greenplum DB. From SQL and stored procedures syntax, to storage formats on disk, to operation utilities such as gpstart or gpfdist, Deepgreen DB ensures full compatibility to minimize effort in redeployment. In particular:

No need to reload data.
No changes to SQL code (both DML and DDL).
No changes to stored procedure code.
No changes to user-defined function code.
No changes to connectivity and
Authentication protocols such as odbc and jdbc.
No changes to operational scripts such as
Bash backup scripts and cron jobs.

Deepgreen DB Application Area

More Speed

For most OLAP workload that is CPU-bound, Deepgreen DB runs up to 3X faster than Greenplum DB on average.

More Connected

Using Xdrive, Deepgreen DB can read/write to/from many external data external sources in a distributed and efficient manner.

More Intelligent

Using the Transducer, Python and Go code fragments can be directly embedded into SQL to group and push data to TensorFlow for machine learning.