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Equnix sends you our warmest greeting

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Jakarta - 2020 was a year of full challenges to all of us, it started with a flood as result of heavy rains as if a reminder to all of us about what will happen in 2020. COVID-19 was a great memory for all of us and hopefully will be successfully eradicated as from all of us eventually.

Amen, Sadhu, Shanti...

2020 is able to be nominated as the year of challenge of the century, as the pandemic spreads big, up to now are getting higher and complicated with some political issues in some countries and the world. Let that be there for the decision of the experts (scientist, economist, and great politicians), As Engineers and Solution Providers, we move forward to do our duty and our contributions in our corridors.

It was a thrilling moment at the beginning of PSBB, there is not much option for all of us, even before the Government statement we already did it ourselves. Our health is the greatest wealth, but delivering our solution is the greatest responsibility of our duty as who and what we are. We are so glad that our delivery is well intact as always.

...and the relaxing part...

The pandemic forces us to change several habits, starting from how we work and to maintain our health better. Seeing these changes, this outing was filled with physical activity as a stepping stone so each team at Equnix could carry out regular sports to maintain immunity. We conduct some fun, an Internal Outing on Friday (19/12). This activity is our annual agenda for the closing year. An appreciation of passing events in 2020.

We are determined to stay healthy, maintain our exercise and we will have a regular internal fitness competition, and company support will nominate a special bonus called fitness bonus. Tomorrow is a great and bright day, starts with a squinting dawn, followed with a great hope and opportunity (hip hip hurray...). We are a man of challenge, there is no threat compared to opportunity, there will be no weakness over our strength. This year we changed our formal outfit as in the pictures, and used a Polo Shirt to ease movement, agility and more exercise in daily life and work.

Our journey in 2020 results in great and awesome achievements, we have done serving 20+ Clients, 8 new Enterprise Customers and our revenues have increased almost 30% compared to 2019. We are so humbled, not only we can pass this year well but also with a few achievements. In this year, there are 28 current Mission Critical Enterprise Premium Services for PostgreSQL/Deepgreen/POSEqunix/etc., 5 Consulting projects with Enterprises, 3 Corporate In house Trainings, 7 Webinars (equnix.asia/webinar) with 666 Professional Registrants, 629 Participants, 89 door prize Winners, 126 Hot Questions, 6 Speakers (including Guest Speakers) combined.

All in all it is conducted independently and we hope this contribution will increase market awareness not only about our product and services but also adoption of Open Source for Business in general. There are a bunch of materials we can download from the website of Webinar, videos, slides, whitepapers, faqs, and many other valuable resources.

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There are more and more things we have done in the Working from Workshops, compared to when we are in daily normal life with a stressful round trip to busy offices everyday. Whatever happened we had been in our new normal and adapted to it and became more productive and fluent in delivering our best to the world. As we have announced before, our new office is in:

Sampoerna Strategic Square, North Tower 25th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45
Jakarta Selatan - Indonesia 12930

And Our Workshop is at:

Kompleks Ditjen Anggaran No 53
Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi - Duren Sawit
Jakarta Timur - Indonesia 13430

You may send your physical document (if any) to those addresses as well.


The highlight of the event was closed with a warm dinner at the College Pullman Hotel. We are all motivated to always learn and work smarter to improve the quality of delivery to our Clients and Partners. We believe, having done our homework before delivery and delivering our comprehensive solution is the key for a sustained solution to strengthen our nation and ecosystem. With Open Source, yes we can do more!

Here we come, our CEO Closing Statement for the Year 2020:

" The show must go on, as the saying goes. Our big home is revolting with the same path as last year, here we are back in the solstice point (21st Dec 2020). We have some great plans for the next year as we are very enthusiast for future: Managed and Premium Maintenance Services; Professional Certification; Cloud Services; Great Products: 11DB/Postgres, Deepgreen/Datawarehouse, CubeOne/Encryption, ArkCDC/Replication, POSEqunix/Point of Sales; More community developments: Webinars, Whitepapers, Tutorials, Articles, Videos, Professional Community building;

Our Consulting services have been established since the beginning and getting stronger every year. Our world class delivery of Software Development has proven again and again to our clients, making robust and R.A.S Compliance Software. We are implementing our Trilogy consistently.

Thank you for your trust, cooperation and put your confidence in us, that means everything for us.

We are nothing without you.

On behalf of PT. Equnix Business Solutions, we wish you a very Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We pray that the coming year brings more certain times for all of us. Sending all our love and good wishes for better days ahead.
We are happy to see you in a bright and energetic new spirit in 2021! "



CEO of Equnix Business Solutions, PT.

Face a bright new year, with a bright new spirit!