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Telkom Akses

Telkom Akses

One of Telkom's subsidiaries engaged in the development and manage service infrastructure network, established since December 12, 2012. Telkom Access concentrates on the business of providing construction services in Indonesia, to develop a broadband network in order to deliver a quality and affordable internet connection. In addition to broadband network installation, other services provided by Telkom Access are Network Terminal Equipment (NTE) and Broadband Access Management and Operations Maintenance Services.

Telkom Access chose PostgreSQL as the foundation for more than 5 of their main applications which also utilize Geospatial Information System (PostGIS) feature. Previously, Telkom Access was already using PostgreSQL, but has difficulties because there is no expert that can support when risks arise. Equnix is here to help Telkom Access in minimizing those risks, and maximize the power of PostgreSQL services to its main applications. Equnix believes that by making improvements to previous implementations and ongoing support, Telkom Access can focus more on network provision and not worry about PostgreSQL that stores all of their important data.

PT. XL Axiata Tbk.

PT. XL Axiata Tbk, known as XL (formerly PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk), is a Mobile Telecommunication Operator in Indonesia. The scope of services includes Java, Bali, and Lombok as well as major cities in Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. XL provides Broadband Internet, Mobile Communication and 3G services using GSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks.

By using PostgreSQL as one of the solutions applied by XL, it causes an increase in profits because it is not entangled by the high cost of licenses which increases annually more expensively. The benefits of PostgreSQL on XL can reduce substantial costs and divert the budget to product development that can attract more customers.

Equnix has been doing business relationships as a partner of XL since 2014 until now. In 2014 Equnix provided “PostgreSQL Maintenance'' service for XL Tunai application. This service lasts for 1 year until 2015. During that period Equnix has provided optimization support and troubleshoot on several cases that have been experienced.

In 2020, Equnix is back to serve “PostgreSQL Maintenance” services for the IOU MCCM application. In this project, Equnix has also helped to analyze the delays that occur in the database and thanks to the results of the Equnix analysis, the application, which was previously slow, now can meet the expectations of XL.

XL is very satisfied with the services provided, by reducing large investments while being able to answer the ever-dynamic banking challenges. With a small investment cost (only use OPEX), XL can increase agility and be able to competently compete with competitors.




Telkomsel is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Indonesia. Operating since 1995 as part of Telkom Indonesia to provide cellular communication in Indonesia, Telkomsel has already had more than 150 million customers and covers around 288 international roaming in 155 countries by the end of 2007.

Equnix provided full Premium Maintenance Support for PostgreSQL implementation on 2 data centers in Telkomsel in 4 different instances using High Availability configuration within sites and between sites. PostgreSQL instances are used to support global Identity Management applications for critical services on Telkomsel. By using HA within site, when Master is down, Standby server will be ready anytime to take over the database services. And if the Main Site is down, Backup Site will take over the whole Production cluster and database access will be altered automatically to the promoted site.

Ooredoo Myanmar

Ooredoo Myanmar Limited is a telecommunications company . The Company offers cellular, mobile and fixed telecommunication, multimedia, call transfer and forwarding, conference calling, data communication, and internet services. Ooredoo Myanmar serves customers in Myanmar.

Ooredoo has an application called MediationZone which is software that transforms raw usage data into accurate items for billing. Originally built for the telecom industry, MediationZone is today also used by other industries looking to collect and process usage data for billing purposes. The application was developed by DigitalRoute.

Equnix comes to support the database which is used by the application to ensure the database alway on while previous version the application using another database, and on version 8 use PostgreSQL as database server. Equnix has implemented PostgreSQL with High Availability on this architecture to minimize the downtime if there are hardware problems occurring on the database Server.

As the Partner, Digital Route really appreciates the support from Equnix which has solved any problem on the database side and also helps the team on cases on application.