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PT. Trans Retail Indonesia (Carrefour)

Carrefour is the first chain-store to introduce the concept of hypermarkets and provide new shopping alternatives for its customers in Indonesia. In January 2013, Trans Corp through its subsidiary, PT. Trans Retail Indonesia takes over 100% of PT. Carrefour Indonesia so that the company name was changed to PT. Trans Retail Indonesia (Carrefour). Carrefour innovates in providing world-class services in Indonesia's retail industry.

PT. Trans Retail Indonesia as Indonesia's largest retailer has a huge necessity for high-performing Database and transactional capable services. With PostgreSQL, PT. Trans Retail Indonesia is capable to reduce the burden of considerable cost per year while maintaining high performance in more than 100 stores, and more than 3,400 POS machines, to manage more than 170,000 items of goods, with daily transactions that can reach millions of transactions per day.

Carrefour implements PostgreSQL from store-to-head office server, to accommodate transaction data both in real time online and in standalone mode. With the flexibility of the PostgreSQL mechanism, Carrefour capable to achieve optimal service levels with total Equnix services support while maintaining a low but effective investment cost. Equnix implements the Multi-Master Replication model into the PostgreSQL state-of-the-art feature in enterprise solutions. The number installed to date is over 200 Database logical instances, spread nationwide.

PT. Trans Retail Indonesia proved to be very helpful with the services of Equnix. This is evident from the entrusted Equnix by PT. Trans Retail Indonesia in the development of fields in addition to other PostgreSQL of their information systems, in particular with the inherent assistance provided professionally by Equnix. At Carrefour, Equnix also contributed to the development of the price calculation system, with an initial increase of 7 hours to calculate the price of about 7000 items, to be only 15 minutes to calculate the price of 15,000 items.

PT. Harja Gunatama Lestari (Borma)

Borma is a huge, inexpensive, and complete department store, which provides goods ranging from basic necessities, cosmetics, household appliances, electronics, building equipment, hobbies, motorcycle accessories, cars, and also computers.

Borma has a Post-of-Sale sales system that uses the PostgreSQL database as its database server. This is the right choice because Borma can save costs when using other proprietary software. A large, critical system must have a reliable database and have local professional support so that the database is always in prime condition.

Equnix is pleased to maintain the Borma database and has provided support for every case that occurs. This provides peace of mind for Borma management because if a case occurs, the case can immediately escalate to Equnix. Equnix has also optimized the reporting queries which were previously slow but now reporting can run faster.



PT Indomarco Prismatama (Indomaret)

Indomaret, a franchised retail chain in Indonesia, has more than 20,000 branches spread across the country. As the first and largest minimarket franchise company in Indonesia, Indomaret requires a high-performance database to manage its operations efficiently. With the high demand for the use of RDBMS, Indomaret planned to migrate its Oracle database to PostgreSQL.

Equnix was commissioned to convert all Oracle database modules to PostgreSQL on October 13, 2021. This included 1103 procedures, 200 functions, 902 triggers, and 15 Java extensions, with a total of 1,173,206 lines of code across all modules. One of the challenges faced during the project was converting complex modules and rebuilding the Java code into an extension that could run on PostgreSQL.

However, despite the challenges, Equnix successfully converted all modules on November 8, 2022. After going through two rehearsal stages, the new system was deployed into production on November 30, 2022. By migrating to PostgreSQL, PT Indomarco Prismatama was able to reduce costs while maintaining high performance. The migration project can be considered a success in every stage of its implementation. Equnix's commitment to teamwork was a significant factor in the project's success.

PT Akur Pratama (Yogya)

Yogya Group initially used the TPLinux POS application which is the equivalent of the Wincor/Nixdorf machine. Currently, TPLinux is entering its end of life period which requires Wincor/Nixdorf POS system users to upgrade to a newer system, namely: TP.Net. After going through various considerations, the Yogya Group finally decided to use equpos as the best solution. equpos does not depend on a particular machine and can accommodate EOD (End of Day) reporting quickly (<1 minute) while TPLinux takes 30 minutes.Equpos also provides several features not found in TPLinux, including Automatic Device, Price Overwrite, price changes on the dashboard, and automatic drawers. The Automatic Device feature automatically detects devices connected to the POS machine. Furthermore, Price Overwrite on equpos allows for adjustments to prices and discounts under specific circumstances, while TPLinux only permits price changes. Upon completion of a transaction, the drawer opens automatically, and the printer immediately produces the receipt.

equpos' features have proven to be highly beneficial for Yogya Group, as they enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness in retail. Since implementing equpos, Yogya Group has experienced enhanced convenience, comfort, and flexibility, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction. Equpos can accommodate Yogya's business requirements, such as promotions and marketing strategies, as evidenced by the implementation of 33 different promotions. By using equpos, Yogya Group can save a lot of costs that must be spent on upgrading to TP.Net which requires replacing new hardware in more than 1,500 POS terminals across 12 stores. In the future, Yogya Group plans to deploy equpos in all Yogya and Yomart stores to optimize customer service