Telkom Akses

PT Indonesia Comnets Plus (ICON +) is a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero). In 2001, ICON + began its commercial activities with the Network Operation Center located in Gandul, Cinere. As a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero), the establishment of ICON + is focused on serving the needs of PT PLN (Persero) for telecommunications networks. However, along with the industry's need for a telecommunications network with a consistent level of availability and reliability, ICON + is expanding its business by channeling excess capacity in the optical fiber electricity telecommunications network owned by PT PLN (Persero). As the business expanding, the needs of solutions to make there is no critical time demand is important. Equnix supplied Icon+ the speed and efficiency along with the assurance that Icon+ could rely on our support and responds. By giving maintenance services on its PostgreSQl and also Deepgreen, Icon+ can now focus on expanding connectivity in Indonesia.


Telkomsel is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Indonesia. Operating since 1995 as part of Telkom Indonesia to provide cellular communication in Indonesia, Telkomsel has already had more than 150 million customers and covers around 288 international roaming in 155 countries by the end of 2007.

Equnix provided full Premium Maintenance Support for PostgreSQL implementation on 2 data centers in Telkomsel in 4 different instances using High Availability configuration within sites and between sites. PostgreSQL instances are used to support global Identity Management applications for critical services on Telkomsel. By using HA within site, when Master is down, Standby server will be ready anytime to take over the database services. And if the Main Site is down, Backup Site will take over the whole Production cluster and database access will be altered automatically to the promoted site.


PT. Nutech Integrasi

PT. Nutech Integrasi (Nutech) is one of the systems integrator company engaged in Smart Card solution, Access Control and Security, Gate System, Ticketing, and Parking. Established since 2006, Nutech has served many people from banking, telecommunication operators, government public services, to educational institutions.
For Nutech, Equnix provides PostgreSQL Advanced Training. The training was conducted in-house at Nutech's office, and was attended by Database Administrator (DBA), Developer and Nutech's internal programmer.

Feedback received by Equnix in the evaluation of the training participants shows that Nutech is satisfied with the training provided by Equnix. It is also worth noting that with the participation of Nutech as implementer, PostgreSQL Database system has been used in transportation system with rail mode in Indonesia, especially in ticketing system on Commuter Line train network by PT. KCJ in Jakarta. Working with Nutech, Equnix implements PostgreSQL on one of the telco in Indonesia over the application that is widely used by customers of the telecommunications company.

PT. Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDI Indonesia)

PT. Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia (EDI Indonesia) was established on June 1, 1995 as a pioneer company in developing Electronic Data Exchange Services (PDE) in Indonesia which is a subsidiary of PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero). With more than 18 years of experience PT. EDI Indonesia has provided various solutions to its customers in the field of e-business ranging.

Such as IT Consultancy, Training, Software Development, Implementation and System Integration, IT Managed Services to the implementation of PDE services based on Value Added Network / VAN technology, EDI Over Internet, Web Services / SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Cloud Services-based services. In order to ensure the security of information from all Customers, EDI Indonesia chooses to use a trusted Database to store important and high performing data in required financial transactions. Previously, EDI Indonesia used Oracle Database and is currently switching to use PostgreSQL Database to improve the performance and data integrity of a trusted Database system. EDI Indonesia entrusts services from Equnix to Managed Services, Oracle Data Migration to PostgreSQL and In-House Training to Developer and Database Administrator (DBA) personnel from EDI Indonesia.

PT. Aplikanusa Lintasarta

Lintasarta Company is an Indonesian company engaged in data communication service provider. The company is majority owned by Indosat Ooredoo and the rest is owned by several institutions such as foundations and cooperatives. The company provides a wide range of Terrestrial (Wireline, Wireless) and VSAT solution services with various platforms such as Clear Channel, Frame Relay and IP as well as Dedicated Internet and Data Center services.

Equnix serves Lintasarta to setup PostgreSQL Databases on Production and Staging Servers for Lintasarta application needs. To prepare Server Production that is capable of handling high loads, Equnix performs Database Tuning and performs PostgreSQL Benchmark on Server Production. Equnix also configured Full Backup and Archiving (Incremental Backup) mechanisms and configure Stream Replication to reduce downtime during failover process.


Telkomsigma was established in 1987, and since then they have always been committed to be the leader in providing innovative ICT-based end-to-end solutions for companies, both in Indonesia and abroad. their vision is to be The Preferred Digital Transformation Partner in Indonesia, and it is their mission to become the most trusted partner in providing and applying the benefits of ICT solutions to accelerate customers’ business growth. To actualize their vision and mission, it is important for Telkomsigma to provide high quality services. Equnix provides premium maintenance service, helping telkomsigma in building proper and well-maintained database. During the 2 years of working with Telkomsigma, equnix always oblige the best responds.


Telkom Akses

Telkom Akses

One of Telkom's subsidiaries engaged in the development and manage service infrastructure network, established since December 12, 2012. Telkom Akses concentrates on the business of providing construction services in Indonesia, to develop a broadband network in order to deliver a quality and affordable internet connection. In addition to broadband network installation, other services provided by Telkom Akses are Network Terminal Equipment (NTE) and Broadband Access Management and Operations Maintenance Services.

Telkom Akses chose PostgreSQL as the foundation for more than 5 of their main applications which also utilize Geospatial Information System (PostGIS) feature. Previously, Telkom Akses was already using PostgreSQL, but has difficulties because there is no expert that can support when risks arise. Equnix is here to help Telkom Akses in minimizing those risks, and maximize the power of PostgreSQL services to its main applications. Equnix believes that by making improvements to previous implementations and ongoing support, Telkom Akses can focus more on network provision and not worry about PostgreSQL that stores all of their important data.